Helicopter for Wedding- Through Airlogic 

Helicopter for Wedding- Through Airlogic

Hire a helicopter for wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; add a touch of class and glamour to your special day with charter plus helicopters for marriage/wedding.

Major highlights include- 
- Make a grand and unforgettable entry to your wedding venue.
- Flight timed to complement your schedule
- Flower dropping/ showering over the marriage venue.
- Local sightseeing opportunity.
- Unforgettable unique experience.
- Lots of time to click photographs.
- Cost is comparable to limousine hire.

Cost of hiring helicopter for marriage- 

The Airlogic wedding helicopter service cost much less than what you think, starting @just 1,95,000 rupees. This includes two hours of flying time, landing charges for base airport. If flying time is more than two hours that will be charged extra. In addition to this fuel positioning, waiting, night halt, watch hour extension etc. will be charged extra.

All flying time will be calculated Ex Base. 

With 50 % advance deposit, you can book your flight with us with balance due 3 days before the day of flight.

All flight times will be worked out in advance.

Locations, that AIRLOGIC Serve

You can hire our helicopter for marriage in Chandigarh, Punjab (Ludhiana, jalandhar), Haryana, Delhi, and himachal pardesh, Rajasthan, utter Pradesh (up) and Uttarakhand.

Helipad and facility required-

It should have plain hard surface of at least 30 meter diameter. 

Proper helipad markings should be there. No loose material should be there on the helipad like as chairs, carpet, loose cover, wrapper, paper, plastic etc. in addition, 

- It should be properly watered to ensure dust free landing.
- A wind socks or flag should be there for judging wind direction.
- Some measures to generate smoke should be in place. (It helps piolet in locating the landing site.
- Police security, fire brigade (or fire extinguisher) and a ambulance is required at the helipad as per government rules.
- For more details of information, on temporary helipad requirements, you can provide assistance in making helipad at an additional cost.

Permissions required for helicopter- 

A written permission from district administration like as Dc, Dm, SDM will be required to operate from the place that is not a licensed airport/ helipad. Obtaining landing permission from district administration will be the responsibility of the client.


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