Here Are 5 Jewelleries for the Bride That Would Suit Every Attire of Her  

Here Are 5 Jewelleries for the Bride That Would Suit Every Attire of Her

Wedding is a special occasion for the bride and groom that tie the knot for ever and begin their life as one couple in the society. It is a new beginning and to signify this all the optimizations are sought by the duo. The bride tries to adore the greatest of the charms and her ornaments serve in the most meaningful manner to make her beautiful. 

In countries like India where the cultural fervour is high enough, the bride is decorated with some of the best jewelleries that have continued as the marks and icons of tradition. Many of the ornaments are even symbolic of the auspicious value that is derived through these while some are offered as the ‘stridhan’! The attires that may slightly differ from one to other culture here also determine as what jewellery the bride will wear. Here are five distinguished jewellery pieces that are considered suitable for every kind of attires that a bride wears at the special occasion of her life. 

The necklace

Necklace is the traditional neckwear that has been carried as the best icon of bridal decoration. In India, a gold necklace is considered as the best and this also suits the different bridal attires here in Indian cultures. Whether the bride is wearing a saree or she adores an elegant lehanga, the necklace surely complements her style and beauty in the best manner. The jewellery manufacturers have responded through the best designs and broader patterns that decorate the bride as no less than a queen. 

The bangles 

Bangles are again the most intrinsic components of the bridal jewellery. In fact, in the Indian custom the traditional glass bangles are a must for the bride as she readies herself to enter the married life. However, the bride also wears gold bangles that are gifted to her by the in laws or by her parents. This combination emerges as too good & makes the bride to emerge as really beautiful. These days cubic cut zirconia are also being used to add a fine glare to the gold bangles. 

The maang tika

This is something really iconic and offers exclusivity to the bride. A maang tika is wore in the middle of the temple and is among the traditional ornaments. Whether in lehenga or saree, a maang tika is always a desirable choice! 

The earrings 

Earrings are considered to import a spiritual energy to the bride and are therefore a must for every lady. However, the bridal earrings are not so common ones but there is great deal of designing and ornamental appeal that manifests. The traditional jhumkas or the jhumka balas offer a very charming look and almost complete the bridal decoration in the best. 

The paizeb

Paizeb are worn as pairs; one in each leg at the ankle. These are also one of the traditional ornaments and are generally made in bright glittering silver. While some people may have started to prefer gold paizeb, the one made in silver is considered to bring good energy to the lady. Silver is a cool metal and Indian Vedic astrology speaks of this metal and its significance. 


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