Here Are Best Cake Cutting Song Ideas To Live The Moments The Finest Way 

Here Are Best Cake Cutting Song Ideas To Live The Moments The Finest Way

Wedding is a grand occasion with host of events and celebration times lined up in succession. Main wedding ceremony is of course the most iconic part of the wedding. With the wedding done, it is the time for real indulgent celebration that is marked by the rich feasts and drinks and music and dance! All these are offered at the well laid out wedding reception party that begins as the newlywed couple comes up to cut the wedding cake. Wedding cake cutting is still among the cherished moments and all the couples like to enjoy it with full fervour. The cake cutting song is also the integral aspect of the cake occasion and does the important task of expressing the love and feelings of bride and groom towards each other while they remain quiet and blushing. So, what could be the best cake cutting song ideas? Let’s look into some of these ideas. 

Romantic cake cutting songs 

Romance is the best feeling that binds the newly wedded couple. The romantic songs are cherished the most for the cake cutting time. While the bride and groom cut the cake, the song informs all the guests of the desires and feelings that play deep in the couple. These songs offer the perfect background music to make the occasion wholesome and the bride and groom can enjoy their moments amid the party glare in which they are the central icons. Some good options to choose from include – 

Sugar sugar
Ice cream
Cut the cake
I want candy

Traditional Love songs 

Many couples seek traditional popular love songs to fill up the ambience during the cake cutting. These songs invite a feeling of elegance to the entire occasion and the more mature couples often love such tracks. Many such songs that are popular include –
How sweet it is
Be ever wonderful
A wink and a smile
This will be an everlasting love 

The naughty songs 

Naughty and flirty love songs could be chosen for importing a sense of jubilance in the scene and the cake cutting could become really enjoyable. The couple as also the guests enjoys the tease feel that is served; and with these songs, the pomp and fervor gets instantaneous. The couples with higher enthusiasm quotients prefer to make their cake cutting merrier with such songs! While they speak nothing, they could still flirt just by looking into the eyes of each other that offer the acceptance of this naughtiness! They like many such songs like – 

Love you madly
Hit me with your best shot
Pour some sugar on me
Cuts like a knife 

Trendy tracks 

A trendy song is liked by everyone and demands no great deal of choices’ consideration as in other categories. The couple can select the trendy love track to be played in the background when they cut the cake. The guests also like to be the part and play the chorus to make up an enhanced fervour at the delightful occasion of cake cutting. The wedding DJs are well trained in playing such latest tracks. 


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