Here Are The 12 Most Sought After Delicacies Of Gujarati Wedding Cuisine 

Here Are The 12 Most Sought After Delicacies Of Gujarati Wedding Cuisine

Indian cuisines are very diverse and the cultural sub sectors here define the characteristics of these. Interestingly, all of these cuisines are finest and none could be called as an inferior one in terms of flavours and aromas. However, some regions have got really buoyant on account of their specialties. Gujarati cuisine is full of specialties and most of these are served as the cherished delicacies at the wedding occasion. Gujarati dishes are made as much enriched types such that there are wholesome optimizations of the flavours and colours. These are the beholders’ delight and serve in the same manner towards the taste buds of the enthusiasts. Here are the 12 finest Gujarati dishes that are served at all the weddings there. Let’s have a look on these. 


It is fermented pasta that is steamed and served hot. Mostly offered as the starter, it is had with spicy chutneys made in garlic and coriander leaves. It is a light dish and almost symbolic of the Gujarati cuisine. 


It is a spicy baked dish that is made from a batter made with different pulses. Urd or other pulses could be used in combinations to generate a distinct taste that is further complimented by the spices. Sesame seeds are sprinkled while baking and this brings a special flavour. 

Lilva kachoris 

Sweet green peas are first steamed and crushed to form a fine paste. This paste is spiced up and then stuffed to form the kachoris. These kachoris are then served with chutneys, preferably the sweet and spicy amchoor chutney. 

Methi pakoda

Methi pakoda is much liked in the Gujarat wedding cuisine. The green methi is mixed with chick pea flour to form a consistent batter. This batter is then fried in oil to form the pakoda. These are served hot along with the spicy chutneys of different types. 


Green Arvi leaves are rolled together with the batter made with chickpea flour. After getting fully rolled, these are cut into slices in transverse manner. These slices can be served deep fired, or stir fired or even after deep steaming. Sesame seeds are often applied before frying and chutneys form the integral part. 


It is one of the famous Gujarat dishes that are made with the seasonal vegetables of winter season. Unripe bananas, potatoes and green beans are generally mixed to make it. The dish is generally served with hot fried puris. 

Sev tameta 

It is a sweet and spicy curry that is enjoyed with the parathas or kheplas. The curry contains the sev in a fine thick mix. It is one of the sought after dishes of Gujarat. 

Bharela bhindi 

It is one of the signature dishes of Gujarati cuisine. Bhindi or lady finger is stuffed with a dry mixture of spices like methi, coriander, kalaunji, fennel and others. This is then fried in a pan and allowed to cook for some time. 

Rasavala aalo 

It is a curry that contains potatoes in fine spicy gravy to match the wedding feasting fervour. This dish is highly cherished one and could be had with puris or parathas. 

Gujarati dal

Toor dal or arhar is used to make this dish. While being spicy, it does have a sweet flavour also. It is made as a thick one and garnished with coriander, mustard seeds and other spices. 


The mango fruit is made into a sweet puree and could be had as a dessert or with puri. 


A fine dessert made with milk, this is really the sought after one at the Gujarati weddings. 


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