Here Are the Best Icons Of Traditional Kerala Marriage Jewellery  

Here Are the Best Icons Of Traditional Kerala Marriage Jewellery

Marriage is an auspicious occasion for the bride and groom who enter the new world as a couple and share their love, affection and responsibilities together for life. This occasion therefore needs special compliments and fervour that is generated through the optimizations along all the dimensions. There are tasty foods, whole range of customs and traditions, fun, music and enjoyment. The bride and groom also take up a wholly decorated avatar to become the central icons of their occasion. Their jewellery speaks for them and especially the bride is no less than a charm to behold. In India, different states have developed different jewellery traditions that offer the distinct glimpse of the regional cultures and customs. Here is a description of the icons of Kerala marriage jewellery set. 

It should be stated that Kerala is among the few states where there is a special affinity with gold and therefore we find distinct customs interwoven with gold jewellery. Let’s us look into the most demanded marriage jewelleries in Kerala. 

  • Lakshmi mala
As the name suggests, lakshmi mala is designed specially in a manner to invite the blessings of goddess lakshmi that ensures the prosperity in life, household and society. This mala or necklace is made with gold coins and each of these coins has an engraving of lakshmi. The coins are all aligned in a series and form the fundamental part of this necklace. With the spiritual religious value being tremendous in Kerala marriages, this is definitely included in the bridal jewellery set. 

  • Manga mala
This is again a beautiful necklace that carries series of identical and same size pendants. These pendants are designed as the mangoes, as the name of this ornament suggests. Each of the pendants is generally decorated further through designer engravings such that an exclusive appeal is developed. It is one of the traditional ornaments in Kerala. 

  • Palakka mala
While palakka mala has been one of the traditional necklaces in Kerala, these are now available in contemporary designs also. Earlier, the palakka mala was made in gold metal and decorated beautifully through the patterns of rubies and emeralds thus making it really precious! Now more patterns and icons are studded including the zirconia. 

  • Pathakam
This is a pendant necklace and a must for the bride in Kerala. The pendant is invariably designed in gold and decorated with precious stones like rubies. Being a big pendant, it hands through a chain that generally carries gold beads. 

  • Pulinakham mala
It is a necklace with the distinct appeal and value. the literal meaning of it is the tiger’s nail which are nothing but the emeralds and rubies carved like the original ones! These are then attached in series to make up the jewellery. 

  • Kappu 
These are decorative bangles that are made in gold. Modern ones come decorated in different themes and designs. 

  • Jimikki 
This is the jewellery dedicated to ears of the bride. 

  • Payyannur pavithra mothiram 
These are the rings that carry much detailing through the intricate designs. These are generally made as broad type bands. 


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