Here are the best ideas to choose ones wedding cake cutting songs 

Here are the best ideas to choose ones wedding cake cutting songs

Wedding cakes are like the cherished icons at the wedding function. Every couple wants to live the best moments of their wedding occasion while cutting the cake; for this is the time when they are greeted as a couple by the guests, family members and friends that witness the celebration. The fervor truly builds up through the cake cutting by the couple. This fervor is finely augmented by the cake cutting songs that are sung and played during the occasion. The couple gets very choosy and sometimes confused about making the selection of the cake cutting song! There are bunches of those available and the new ones are continuously released by the artists from throughout the world. So which could be the best cake cutting songs? Here are the ideas to get inspired and make a fine choice. 

Expressing love and affection towards each other 

A cake cutting song is meant to fill the cake occasion with some theme that is reflective of the couple relation; because at that time the newlywed couple is the central icon and every one looks at them. The song should be chosen so as to speak for the bride and groom. Most of the cake cutting songs therefore bear the lyrics expressing the love and affection of the bride and groom towards each other. As they cut the cake, the guests hear the feelings that are being expressed through the song being played in the background. Some of best choices could be counted as – this will be an everlasting love, a wink and a smile, Be ever wonderful and many more. 

The romance themes 

Choose a romantic track to fill the ambience as both of you cut your wedding cake. Play one that aptly balances the love and naughtiness quotients. However, both the bride and groom should make the selection jointly so to enjoy the occasion through the blush on each other’s face.

Be poetic to express your love 

The couple can also go for a poetic song to make the desirable love meaning towards each other. This could be elegant and almost a genre type concept. While naughty romantic songs could resonate more with the enthusiastic minds, these poetic themes would find appeal with the more calm and sober minds. So it is all a question of one’s individual choice. 

Choose the trendy track of a leading artist 

Choosing a trendy cake cutting song is a good option. There is least of confusion regarding the choice and the song is also an easily recognizable one. A definite advantage of the trendy song is that the guests also become the part of the song and thus add the fervour multifold through their chorus. Wedding DJs are also adept trendy tracks. 

A fun appeal 

You can choose a cake cutting song that has a definite fun appeal. This would fill the occasion with cheerful lighter moments and every one would enjoy. Love you madly, hit me with your best shot are such songs! 


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