Here Are the Best Tips to Make Funny Engagement Wishes  

Here Are the Best Tips to Make Funny Engagement Wishes

Engagement marks the foundation, if not the beginning of a new relation. However, even this foundation is a much cherished one and the time post engagement till the wedding is full of dreams and attractions towards one’s fiancée. This occasion is therefore lived with much pomp and the celebration rules high. The friends and relatives as also the family members shower their greetings and wishes on the prospective bride and groom while fun and mischief are the definitive components that are played well towards each other. 

The ‘to be’ bride and groom also become the focus of such fun greetings when the close friends offer their wishes. Many a times they shower such engagement wishes that make the prospective bride and groom to shy and blush. They then display the real charm through their shying personas that everyone at the occasion could behold. However, making such funny engagement wishes is an art in it! There has to be a real intimacy so that the depth is never missed. Here are the tips for offering the funny engagement wishes. 

Tease her/him

Engagement could be a nice occasion to tease your friend to the fullest; after all he/she is entering the finest delight of life which is the marriage. Now it depends upon your creativity to make the authentic choice of the best concept. You have to be careful while doing so, for the real fun would depend upon the nature of your friend whom you know so better since years. Don’t hesitate too much because friends like you are duty bound to add fervor to such a great occasion! Here are few examples as how could you express your wish for his/her engagement.

  • Celebrate the gaps that now exist between you and him – ‘that you are now getting engaged and I will become so lonely.’ ‘How will I live now’ or ‘how can you be so cruel to me?’

  • Bless her with plentitude of motherhood very soon – this could be great! If you are wishing a lady then just bless her with highest number of motherhoods at the earliest. She would just laugh and blush while reading your card or listening the same from your mouth.

  • Express sadness that he took you advice on marriage so seriously – say ‘hey buddy you took my advice so seriously. I never meant that way. Anyways congrats!’

  • Send him the mms of empty bottles of beer and all that – ‘sending you the empty bottles that we enjoyed. Will always be waiting for your company’

Be mischievously arrogant

Be arrogant but not really! Wrap your arrogance in mischief that is easily read! Take the clues through the examples here below. 

  • Can’t come; I am really busy for your wedding! – ‘baby, I was so busy that could not come to your engagement party. I am really busy for your marriage preparations.’ 

  • I am so eager! – ‘I was so dying to be your best man’ & now I just can’t wait. Please hurry up as I am pretty hungry for a good dinner and tons of wine.

The engagement wish sent as ‘emoticons alone’ message

Emoticons could be judiciously used in a fine manner to make out funny engagement wishes towards the special person. Here your creative skills need to be imported.


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