Here Are The Choices Of Wedding Night Accommodation For The Bride And Groom 

Here Are The Choices Of Wedding Night Accommodation For The Bride And Groom

Bride and groom are the central icons of any wedding occasion and all the family members, relatives and friends pool their efforts to make their moments full of joy, fervour and celebration. The main wedding ceremony marks the pious institution whose foundation is laid through the heavenly wish. This institution allows the newly wed bride and groom to live as couple, and also be prepared to live the life that would unfold the highest duties of this universe. They are destined to be the part of a universal process and this destiny passes through some of the genre moments and times in which the husband and wife live the finest experiences and fathoms. 

Wedding night accommodation

The good start is offered with their first night after the wedding ceremony and both are really excited for this union that takes place anonymously from the party celebration; of course there are the blushing times when the friends escort the newly wed bride and groom to their wedding night accommodation. The significance of wedding night accommodation is immense because the newlywed couple starts its new life together and makes the authentic promises of true love and affection. Therefore every culture of the world has held the traditions of decorating wedding night accommodation in the best manners. As per the regional customs, different practices are followed but the fervour remains the same. The choice of wedding night accommodation is also significant and it varies on account of the emergent cosmopolitanism in different parts of the world.

A place of privacy for the newlywed couple 

The city cultures have developed the choice for hotel room so as to allow complete privacy to new couple. This is also one of the finest options because the highest grade hospitality services could be arranged for the couple. Special arrangements are offered by the leading hospitality brands towards the newly wed couples. Florist’s service is also offered by the hotels.

Booking the accommodation at the wedding venue is also a good choice that is economical because there is no need to book any special suite separately for the couple. This also saves the time to move out of the wedding venue to the hotel suite; especially when the wedding party continues till late night. 

Beginning the new life at one’s home

The Asian cultures like India and others still cherish the concept of groom escorting his bride to his home after completing all the rituals of the ceremony. This marks the age old tradition that still continues robustly. The wedding night accommodation is arranged at the house of the groom which is also the new house of the bride. The couple begins their new life in their own home. However here too, the trend of booking hotel suite as wedding night accommodation has emerged; especially in the high flying metros. 

Decorating the wedding night room 

The decoration of wedding night accommodation is also significant and the regional customs and traditions prevail in different regions. The decoration with fresh flowers is the concept integral to the Asian countries. Fragrance’ use is common throughout the world. The hotel services add genres and dedication like the especially themed room that resonates through the sexuality icons and concepts of indulgence.


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