Here Are the Duties of Grooms Mother in the Wedding Occasion 

Here Are the Duties of Grooms Mother in the Wedding Occasion

Wedding is the celebration of two families while the bride and groom are essentially the central icons all the times. The family members apart from celebrating the fervor also share high responsibilities which need to be juxtaposed to generate the best joy for the occasion. The duties of the parents of groom and bride are special in that they are the high and unparalled guardians of the couple and their blessings are the cherished ones for the two newly wed. The mother of the groom has been assigned special status of the lady that will be welcoming the bride of her son. She along with her husband has to step in to bless the union. Let’s see what are the duties and responsibilities of groom’s mother!

To take initiative for the intimacies between the two families

She has the ultimate responsibility as also the privilege of engaging with the bride’s family which is rather new for the groom’s side. She is expected to make plans for the evening excursions, tea parties and dinners with the bride’s family members so that sense of intimacy is developed between the two families. This intimacy serves to make up the real fervor during the wedding occasion. 

Make the guests lists 

Preparation of the guests’ lists is one of the essential duties of the family members of bride and groom. This duty is taken up by the mother who is of course the central figure in the family matters and relationships. She is symbolic of the family tree and therefore she is best suited for this job! She prepares thorough guests’ lists and hands over the same to the groom’s father for the essential arrangements that have to be done. 

To take trips with the bride and her mother to help her select the best attires 

Groom’s mother has the responsibility of arranging the market trips and also accompanies the bride for all of her bridal shopping. This includes the bridal attires and jewelry & other appurtenances. She marks the wedding etiquette from the groom’s side and sense of intimacy is also developed prior to the wedding.

Attend the bridal shower 

Groom’s mother is the privileged visitor to the bridal shower. She pays her visit to be the part of this authentic tradition and offer her blessings upon the bride. She also takes gift for her to greet her at the beginning of the bridal culminations in the days to come. 

Host the rehearsal dinner 

Rehearsal dinner is generally hosted just prior to the main wedding occasion. The idea is again to develop intimacies; this time between the guests and relatives from both the sides. The preparations for the rehearsal dinner rest with the groom’s mother.

Dance with son at the mother son dance 

This is a cherished wedding etiquette. The mother son dance signifies the moments filled with jubilance. The groom’s mother should never miss etiquettes like this which are once in a life opportunity for her and the son too. 


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