Here Are the Elements Of Grooms Attires That Offer Him A Perfect Look 

Here Are the Elements Of Grooms Attires That Offer Him A Perfect Look

Wedding as the highest social custom is marked by the optimizations; including the glam and gaudiness. While guests always try to dress up as the best, the charm of the groom and bride is distinct and fulfilling. And why not! They are the real icons of the entire wedding occasion! A groom adores his personality through the formal wedding suit and all the shiny paraphernalia that he adopts for the good ceremony. So what are the icons that deliver a complete and authentic look to the groom? Let’s find out them all!

The formal wedding suit for men 

A wedding suit is the fundamental part of the groom’s attire. It includes the formal shirt in white and the pants. The shirt for the groom is generally taken as pure white as a mark of tradition; however, now a trend has emerged whereby the groom also looks out for the lighter shades of blues, beiges and grey. These colours are generally offered in high quality satin that deliver a glitter and shiny feel. 

The pants are the formal narrow down types that deliver a masculine personality to the groom. The modern trends are that of the laser shades in grey that are wrinkle free and carry a shiny reflection. The tailoring at the bottom is done such that the shoes are not hidden and the fabric accumulates at them just above the tied laces. 

His tuxedo or customized wedding jacket 

A customized wedding jacket could be had if the groom wants to go for complete formal suiting. In such case, he could get the wedding jacket tailored in the fabric chosen for the pants. Otherwise, he could go for the flamboyant trend which is a velvet fabric plush black tuxedo. Silver laser shade is also in demand in the wedding tuxedo ranges. Most of the tuxedos carry a fancy piping in contrast which could be the gaudy red or grey! A groom definitely carries the high and manifested charm in a tuxedo.

The classic shoes and socks 

Groom requires a pair of formal shoes; the soft calf leather would be good. The colour is generally black but the dark tan shoes are also popular as for the groom. Some even prefer white boots! The black wedding shoes carry a detailing that is often hand worked.

The cufflinks 

Here comes the shine and lustre! Pair of cufflinks proves to be great adoration for the groom. Check out for the zirconia studded sterling silver cufflinks or the gold plated ones. Customized cufflinks are also good like those containing the name of the groom or the wedding date or some specific icons of personalization. 

Tie and tie pin 

Groom can choose the slim skinny tie in the sober shades of blacks, grey or beige or can also for the bright shades in crimson or blue or green! This would be one of the best complement for the wedding suit. Golden tie pin would be great! 

A bow tie is also super, if the groom has decided for the tuxedo. 


A belt is an accessory as also decoration for the groom. Try having a leather belt in black or dark tan.

Pocket squares 

Pocket squares are made in satin and often these are stitched in the pocket of wedding tuxedo. These are mostly made in bright red or plain white. 

His perfume 

Groom needs a special perfume for his special day. Try the citrus fragrances mixed with vanilla or musk! 


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