Here Are the Fabulous Engagement Wishes by the Bridesmaid & Groomsman  

Here Are the Fabulous Engagement Wishes by the Bridesmaid & Groomsman

Engagement symbolizes a new relation that would culminate into the marital bliss and the ultimate love bond between the bride and groom. No wonder the engagement occasion is a special one and therefore needs to be celebrated together with all the relatives and friends. They shower their blessings and greetings on the future bride and groom and witness the formal engagement ceremony only to lend fine authenticity to the occasion. Friends are a special lot on this occasion and moreover, the bridesmaid and groomsman offer their greetings in a special manner. Their engagement wishes are unique and sometimes teasing types so that the receiver would blush and shy. What could be the fabulous engagement wishes from the bridesmaid or a groomsman? Let see here below.

From the bridesmaid 

Move quick now to enjoy heaps of good sex all the time 

In a teasing manner the bridesmaid could convey her engagement wish by offering tons of sexuality and indulgences with her future soul mate. The young girls generally make merry through such wishes in their ordinary day hangouts. Now it is the real occasion! Why not tease the prospective bride through the mind tingling fantasies that she is definitely possessing deep in her heart. 

May god bless you with plentitudes of motherhood for life!

This one is again a teasing wish that can be offered by the bridesmaid. This time the pious aim of generating the offspring serves as the basis of the wish. Bless the lady getting engaged with highest numbers of motherhoods for life. She would definitely shy with such a bestowing being demanded for her; and she just cannot refuse!

Go win his heart through soulful indulgences

This could be the sober wish by a bridesmaid for her beloved friend that is getting engaged. Express your greetings and inspire her to win the heart through charms and affectionate indulgences after the marriage. 

I am so dying to live the wedding dinner. Thanks dear that you got engaged!

Get sporty and ask her about when you can have the wedding dinner arranged; and you are so dying to have the same. 

From the groomsman 

Congrats man but will miss your company

A sober wish that offers congratulations to the man but also expresses the love for him possessed by the groomsman when he says -


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