Here Are The Finest Edible Wedding Bombonieres Options For You 

Here Are The Finest Edible Wedding Bombonieres Options For You

Wedding is the time to cheer. While the bride and groom tie the knot to become the couple, the wedding guests make up the entire fervour at the occasion. It is the guests who make the entire wedding occasion wholesome and allow the bride and groom to shine as the jewels. They deserve the thanksgiving by the hosts who invited them to be the part of the occasion. Thanksgiving traditions in weddings developed very early throughout the world as a mark of good etiquettes and these got refined through cultural evolution. Throughout the world, people identified the best of the icons and products to serve as the thanksgiving gifts for their guests. Today, edible wedding bombonieres are the most cherished choices and every culture relies on some authentic options. Let’s look into these choices here below. 

Sugar coated almonds 

Sugar coated almonds are one of the oldest choices as the edible wedding bombonieres. Since the oldest days, almonds have been considered auspicious and importing a spiritual value to the occasions and purpose. These are also held as the symbol of health and vitality and hence considered more suitable as the wedding thanksgiving gift. Almonds coated with sugar create perfect taste and aroma characteristics and can be chewed anytime as a fine delight. These could be beautifully packed in pouches made in net fabric. 


Chocolates constitute the riding choice of the modern age. Every one of us likes to indulge into chocolates and therefore choosing some good brand chocolates as the edible bombonieres is always a fine decision. The leading vendors offer dedicated assortments of chocolates that are beautifully arranged in gift boxes that could be ordered as customized types with the couple’s name and date of wedding printed. The host could choose different grades of chocolates depending upon his budget. 

Nuts & resins 

Nuts and resins are also considered auspicious. These are held as the icons of health and prosperity and every culture has the tradition of gifting these on good occasions like wedding, baptism ceremonies and festivals. Finest nuts and resins could be selected for making a good combination. The host can also choose to add some rarer nuts from foreign land so as to add an iconic value to their thanksgiving gift. 


Honey is the oldest and preferred choice as a thanksgiving gift in weddings occasions. This is because of the value attached with this unique natural product. Its sweetness is unparalleled and symbolizes the love between the newly wed bride and groom. The host can choose the wild dark honey which is much cherished on account of its high quality. Various vendors offer mini packs of honey in glass jars. These look very pretty and could be further decorated with ribbons and customized by printing the names of the bride and groom.

Customized candies 

The host can order high quality custom tailored candies. The confectionary could print the wedding date and couple’s name on each candy to make them really special. 


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