Here Are The Finest Gemstones To Decorate Your Engagement Ring 

Here Are The Finest Gemstones To Decorate Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are the special jewelleries in them because these signify the start of a new relationship. No wonder, the modern societies are spending heavy sums to have the best one carved for the occasion so that not only the charm is build up at the moment but the foundation is also laid for the lasting and happy married life. Like in case of all types of jewellery, the engagement rings are also being made in the precious metals since ages. However, now we also find the finer alloys of appeal like the rose gold, red gold and white gold among few others. These are also liked on account of the matching characteristics with the different gemstones that are studded in the ring. The last two decades have seen the growing use of expensive and exotic gems and stones as the centrepieces in the engagement rings. So what are the most used gemstones in the wedding and engagement ring in the current age? Let’s have a look at these. 

Since ages, the humans have been scouting for the precious stones and there are many that could be used to decorate the engagement rings. Look out the choices here below - 


Diamonds have been the most expensive ones; and true to their value, these are also the most charming ones. There is a real magic quotient in each of these so that the beholders are puzzled by the bright reflections of it. For all these reasons, diamonds have become the natural choice for the engagement rings. These are available in different cuts and sizes (in terms of carat) and one can choose the round cut or the princess or the emerald cut as the best ones. White or transparent diamonds in round or princess cut are considered the best and are the highest prized ones also. The diamonds are simply the ‘number one’!


These are really exotic deep red gemstones and attract any one with a definite appeal. Sometimes, a ruby of special type could be more expensive then the diamonds of the same size; such is the charm of these bright red stones. The ability of the rubies to decorate the lady’s engagement ring and also match her feminine identity is great! 


Equally special are the emeralds that come in green colour. Exotic as these are, emeralds could be used to add a fine and rich glare to the engagement ring for the male. 


Sapphires come as two variants – the blue sapphire and the yellow sapphire. Both are superb in their glow! In fact, the blue sapphire is real exotica if selected carefully and can offer the feel of the blue diamond at a much lesser cost. 


These are deep purple stones and offer a richly distinct look to the engagement ring. If you are looking for the exclusivity then a big bright purple amethyst would be a great choice. 


Colourless topaz stones are perfect to be studded in the engagement ring; for these offers a brilliant feel and look at lesser cost. Topaz could be very often colored in hues of pink, green and blue due to the mineral concentrations that are normal. 


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