Here Are the Finest Maang Tikkas to Decorate the Bride 

Here Are the Finest Maang Tikkas to Decorate the Bride

Indian culture is spread along numerous dimensions and jewellery is one among them. We have worked with dedication to make out some of the best jewelleries in precious metals and gemstones. The ornaments’ technologies have been also refined greatly with time such that very intricate designs and patterns are produced. Such a dedication has led to the development of some special concepts like the maang tikka, kamar band and the like specialties that are made to offer the finest adorations for the lady; rather the bride. No wonder the bridal jewellery in India is one of the most bulky and creative one! Every ornament for her is made out to generate the resonance with her bridal charm! For example, the maang tikka is made in different styles that suit perfectly well the attires and looks of the bride. Here are some breath-taking styles of the iconic maang tikka. 

The linear pendant type

This type of maang tikka is generally made in gold alone and there is less of studding on it. The authentic charm emerges from the elegant design such that the tikka hangs in the middle of the forehead while the string is tied in the back part of the maang in the bride’s head. The look and feel of it is more of a linear type rather than the circular one. Most of these are made in tear drop shapes and carry intricate designer patterns engraved on them. 

The big circular one 

This carries more artistic charm and is a big one such that it could cover the bigger part of the mid forehead of the bride. This is richly decorated with the pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and even zirconia studded maang tikkas have got popular. A bride with more or less round face cut finds such tikkas as very suitable. The studdings here are done on the base metal which is invariably the gold! 

The jhoomar type 

It is one of the authentic icon of Muslim bride add a real charm to her persona on her wedding. The characteristic feature of this maang tikka is that a side ornament is attached to it such that it covers the left side of the forehead. This maang tikka adds a distinct appeal to the shying bride and her charm that no groom can refuse! 

Matha patti

Matha pattis include the ornamental chains that hang from the middle pendant (tikka) to both sides of the forehead of the bride. These chains could be single or multiple on each side and are made in pearls or gold. Matha patties serve to generate a royal appeal in the bride that feels and looks like a princess. No wonder it is one of the best maang tikkas in addition to the jhoomar. 

The borla 

This type of maang tikka is a characteristic feature of the western region in India and more particularly, Rajasthan! Here the ladies carry a near spherical or cylindrical pendant that hangs in the middle of the forehead through a string. The bridal borlas are more elegant, flashy and colourful (through the use of permanent colours, pearls and stones/gems).


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