Here Are the Finest Themes and Locations for Pre Wedding Photo Shoots for You  

Here Are the Finest Themes and Locations for Pre Wedding Photo Shoots for You

Wedding photography as a service is very old; simply because of the reason that we all want to preserve this finest occasion for life and even beyond. Wedding photography is not merely capturing the beauty and customary rituals that are integral of course but the modern services also include certain specialty offerings like that of pre wedding photo shoots, the bachelor party photography and such other concepts that have emerged common and demanded adjuncts of weddings in today’s society.

In India also, we find demand for pre wedding photography that starts much before the actual occasion and rides upon the innovative ideas like shooting in specific locations which are either exotic or resonant to the couple. Wedding photographers India offer their pre wedding services by covering the special locales and destinations to create a story line that is marked by love, romance and beauty! Here are the themes and location ideas that are popular for pre wedding photo shoots.

  • The Proposal

Wedding Proposal

One the finest pre wedding photography ideas is to capture the proposal moments. While the actual proposal could have been done in past, the photographer pools his creativity and imagination &makes out a decent photo shoot that depicts how the love saga started between the two.

  • The Place Where you Both First Met as a Couple

First Met

Relive the moments and place where you both first met and felt the affinities and love for each other. This place is of course important. Just tell the photographer to recreate the fanciful time and capture the same as part of your decent wedding memories for life. This picture is captured by

  • Hand in Hand in a Rustic Castle

Hand in Hand

Plan a photography day at a rustic castle where you have been in your life and where the serene calmness simply attracts you. Rangresa, the photographer would do the photo shoots of both of you getting along hand in hand across the passageways and in the backdrop of majestic walled architecture. Such theme could be really appealing because it depicts the bonding between both of you as strong and resilient as this castle; courtesy of course to the shutterbug’s expertise!

  • In the Rains

In the Rain

Rain and romances are interwoven since times immemorial. The wedding photographer would capture your love and affection as both of you walk through and enjoy the rains. Leading Indian wedding photographer calls this theme as the monsoon wedding and does expert’s task to depict the love bonding that you have developed. The photographers often make use of artificial rains to make the best shots come true.

  • Sea Beach

Sea Beach

Sea beach photography just cannot be ruled out because of the fine romantic backdrops and beauty of the coastline. Lighter shades for her and velvet tuxedo would be the best dressing option for the beach photo shoot. You can ask for booking the private beach for exclusive photo shoots without any interference.

  • The Sunset Horizon

Sun Set

Sunset time couple photography is very popular and for the purpose of pre wedding photo shoots, this is a fine theme always. Richness of orange hues of sun setting into the horizon offers the best background for the couple.

  • The Prince and the Princess

Prince & Princes

Cast as the prince and princess for the specialty photo shoot and live the uniqueness. These shots would be like fine souvenirs for life. Indian wedding photographer 'Dipak' is experienced in offering such fancied photo shoot services for the couples.


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