Here Are the Groups Most Commonly Seen In Every Marriage  

Here Are the Groups Most Commonly Seen In Every Marriage

Wedding is a social occasion where cultural attributes achieve zenith together with the congregations of the relatives and family members that add to the pomp and fervour in the wedding home. Bride and groom are definitely the central icons; however, the relatives and guests make their own discussions that are not very different from the theme of marriage. They could be discussing another marriage that is planned next month or the previous one where some fine moment of joy was offered. Frankly speaking, there are some distinct groups at wedding occasion and these groups take up their discussions and activities in their specific orientations. What are these groups and what they engage into? Let’s find out! 

The group of aunts 

This could be called as the chatters’ group, of course offline. They are the middle aged aunts and their fancied activity in the home of wedding is to continue with their chat endlessly; unless they are coroneted with some task like serving the food or the like duty, which they seldom refuse! However, the chatting again begins and the topics could range from anything to everything. However, the broader selection of the topics relates to the wedding and its icons like ‘what happened at the wedding last month’ or so! 

The group of uncles 

They behave as the free souls who only leave their group discussions when called by their wives. Cigarette packs are consumed while their discussions could be about their old lively days and times. Often they discuss the marriage they attended in their youth times some 20 years back; that the baraat went to the countryside and there was good food! Here they differ from the aunts group that talks more about the recent marriage parties. 

The food connoisseurs and critics 

Either on the ultimate food day or the pre wedding days, they just love to have the best foods served. And they are very sceptical about the quality and the authentic taste or at least what is missing in this dish! They behave as the authentic critics. Some of them get involved in the food preparation and keep pouring their counsels. 

The intellectuals and political analysts 

This rather a short group and each of its members pretend to be really concerned about the state of affairs in the country or the world. They could be discussing the US president or at least the global warming. The party could be going in the background, as they think; but more often they resemble to be taking a place in the background of the party. 

The kids’ brigade 

This group could be nasty and comes up with its own set of problems at a time when it is least expected. Breaking news keep emerging as ‘mom, rahul just pushed me in the water’ or something like that; at least there are innumerable incidents of clothes getting spoiled. Anyway they constitute the funky fervour!

The youth party group 

This group is very dynamic and the members are very keen on the music and dance schedules and what are the hot trends this year for the wedding parties. 


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