Here Are The Hints On How To Convey Your Remarriage News To Your Ex-Partner  

Here Are The Hints On How To Convey Your Remarriage News To Your Ex-Partner

Marriage is the bliss that every young mind seeks to enjoy for life. However, not all of us are bestowed with the fine treasures of a married life and there are many individuals that feel the inconsistencies and displeasures in their marital relation. The social custom of divorce is meant as the way out of such a relation and get separate forever. This causes the end of the marriage. Many divorced individuals seek a new start of their life and they try for the remarriage. This happens because the human mind and heart has not evolved to live solo and secluded. We are all social beings and the relations serve to nurture the inner self so that we may be tagged as a fruitful contributor to the Eternal Order from the heavens. Remarriage is therefore the finest option! 

However, the implications of the past marriage may come as aberrations in many cases. For example, if the person has children from the ex-spouse then it could be really difficult as how to tell the ex-partner about getting remarried! How one should approach such a tricky condition? Fine balances & wisdom are required! Let’s find as how to attempt this particular condition that could be common for many divorced individuals

Be generous and ensure the good of the children!

First of all, it is worthy to remember the fact that everything that is being done is for the sake of good and overall it is authentic; that it is as per the established social customs of relevance, although it is an uncommon condition! Being generous is the means to say your words easily to your ex-partner that there were strong passions once between you two is now a thing of past. The fact that you have separated is what prevails & there have been authentic reasons for this separation. However, a sense of generosity has to be manifest over all these facts! There cannot be a plainspeak; especially when both of you have parented child/children! They are of course not the aberrant but a symbol of your married life. It is your duty to assimilate them into your new lives. With this fact placed firmly, it is really essential that a formal arrangement is done about who will take care of the children including the expenses and nurturing. This having settled, the decision of remarriage could be conveyed. This would eliminate the hassles regarding the prospects of the children. 

What words to choose? 

Now when it comes to actually offering the news of remarriage to the ex-partner, the person feels confused about the selection of the words. We talked about being generous and the words have to be selected accordingly; of course this won’t be as simple! You can start saying – ‘I am getting married’, ‘It’s time to move on now’ and always add that ‘I think you should also look a partner for self!’ These three statements are perfect and complete in them. You should always say few words about the children where some sort of affirmation be made regarding their good health and well-being.


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