Here Are the Icons Included In a Typical Bengali Marriage Jewellery Set  

Here Are the Icons Included In a Typical Bengali Marriage Jewellery Set

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions and every region has developed its own characteristic imprint that is expressed in the dimensions of cuisines, attires, jewellery and finer customs and traditions. Bengal is situated in the eastern part of India and like all other Indian states; it has also developed a spectrum of its own culture. A typical Bengali marriage showcases the best of the regional cultural attributes while Bengali jewellery is a shiny matrix in it. Bengali jewellery set comprises large numbers of traditional items that have carried since generations and are still cherished a lot. In spite of the fast gripping cosmopolitanism throughout India, Bengali jewelleries have continued with their appeal. Let’s look into the most celebrated Bengali jewellery icons that offer distinctions of manifested types. 

Bengali jewellery items are the variants of the broader traditional Indian jewellery and have the clear characteristics of the regional cultural imprint. 


This is the bracelet made in gold. The characteristic feature of this gold bracelet is that it bears sculptured designs of the traditional type that are very intricately made on it. This could be worn by both the married and unmarried ladies; however due to its fine ornamental value, it is definitely included in the Bengali bridal jewellery set all the time. 

Gala bhora bala 

This is a hollow bangle made in gold but which is filled with wax or lac from inside. This renders the bangle as very sturdy and good for day to day wearing during the household tasks. Intricate designs could be cut in the bangle body that enhances the décor appeal of these. 


These bangles are real adorations and fine piece of artwork. The characteristic feature is that it is decorated very intricately through the original pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones. Such a product emerges out as truly attractive and is also very much costly due to the use of expensive items. Mantasha being delicate type is worn only during the special occasions. 

Shona bandhano loha 

The Bengali Hindu traditions mandate that a married woman should always wear iron bangle on her left hand for the wellbeing of her husband. To accomplish this custom, the iron bangle is enclosed inside a gold bangle. In this manner the ornamental feel is also added. 

Sannkha pola

These are considered auspicious and hence mandatory for every Bengali woman. These are made in conch shells and many a times decorated with gold to generate the ornamental appeal. The Bengali women wear these daily. 


These are very beautiful ornaments for the hand of the bride. The traditional types of ratnachurs are worn over all the five fingers and the metal chains spread over the hand till the wrist where all the strands merge with the bracelet. 

Menakari necklaces 

While necklaces are common in every part of India, here in the Bengali jewellery set, a menakari necklace is definitely included. It has the use of permanent colours on the gold. 


These are meant to decorate the complete ears and are made in gold and silver. 


It is the ornament of the temple (forehead) and head. 


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