Here Are the Lively Games That Are Much Cherished In the Indian Weddings  

Here Are the Lively Games That Are Much Cherished In the Indian Weddings

Wedding is a grand occasion and throughout the world, the cultures have ensured that this pious social custom is offered the finest authenticities. The weddings are therefore solemnized in the presence of God together with all the spiritual hymns and readings from the Holy Scriptures. This constitutes the fundamental component of the wedding. Here in India, different faiths and cultures have thrived pretty well as self-contained amalgams; in the sense that the wedding fervor and traditional appeal has been brilliantly preserved and carried forward. However, in spite of all this diversity, some customs, especially those pertaining to the fun and fervor are common in all the cultures. What are these customs that are cherished by all? Let’s find the most celebrated ones. 

It must be stated that these customs import the fun and gaming fervor that makes the wedding more enjoyable not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests that become part of these; or many a time the lead contributors in these wedding games. Here are the insights about such games in India.

The joota chupai rasm 

This is one of the most cherished and sought after customs at the main wedding occasion. The groom’s shoes get invariably stolen as he gets involved in the wedding ceremony. This is a superb act of bravery and as a tradition, the notorious saalis of the groom are duty bound to perform this act! The royal groom, as he steps up to head back with his bride finds himself stranded without his footwear. The ransom is then demanded in exchange of the groom’s shoes. The matter is then handled by the groom’s friends and younger siblings who step in to do the bargaining with the saalis. This bargaining could be long and mischievous one before the shoes are returned. A great fun quotient is ensured through this custom at the wedding occasion. 

Groom and bride find their rings in a milk pan 

This is another lively tradition post wedding at the groom’s house. Both the groom and the bride become the central icons rather players in this custom. A thali or dish is filled with milk and a wedding ring is placed in it. The groom and bride are allowed to find this ring. The one who gets it is declared as the winner. This act is generally repeated 7 times to generate an optimizing fervor. 

The ubtan rasm before the wedding 

Ubtan is a fine paste of gram flour and turmeric and is applied to the groom and bride prior to their wedding. This enhances their aura and glow! Simultaneously, the young members play ubtan with each other as a mark of fun and enjoyment. 

The nek demanded from the groom by his sisters

As the groom steps forward to meet his bride for the first time, the sisters come up to demand their nek which is generally offered as hard cash. It is a mark of returning the favor by the groom to his sister(s) who have worked to decorate the place/room of the bride and groom for their first night. The groom gleefully doles out the nek!

Bride and groom offering sweets to each other with their hand 

After the next day of the wedding, the bride and groom surrounded by the relatives offer the sweets with their hand. There is a mark of mischief as the partner having the sweets should not use his/her hand while the offerer can make the delays! It is sort of grabbing by mouth alone.


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