Here Are The Lovely Choices Of Edible Wedding Favors  

Here Are The Lovely Choices Of Edible Wedding Favors

Wedding is the special occasion for the bride and groom that are tying the knot. It is the beginning of their bliss that they would enjoy and upon which they build their life as a married couple. Every young mind therefore tries to celebrate this occasion in the best way. Giving out mementos or souvenirs has been a common practice in all the cultures of the world. The significance of edible wedding favors is a special one among these souvenirs because these are really iconic and the cherished ones. These are made out as the tiny delights to savor or even keep for time. 

The objective behind these edible souvenirs is to distribute the goodness of the occasion among all and to allow the guests to take home some good sweet feeling with them. The past generations have identified some unique combinations and flavors that could be served as the wedding favors. Simultaneously, the modern confectionaries and bakers as also the dedicated catering firms have been upbeat with their very novel offers that are high on visual and taste appeals. What are various edible wedding favor options that just can’t be refused by the guests? Let’s find out these!

The sugar coated candies 

These are among the most popular items for the edible wedding favors. These sugar coated candies are available in different packaging. Better to choose the multi-color and multi flavor ones and order a special pack that is transparent at the top and has been customized by the name and date of the wedding couple. You can spend extra on pack’s décor to make it really a souvenir. 

The tiny honey jars 

Honey has been among the oldest choices as the wedding favor; mainly because of the authenticity that this natural product carries. Honey is also an aphrodisiac and is considered to carry a spiritual quotient. You can have the honey packed in special glass jars of small sizes (say 150 ml). These glass jars can be decorated with the couple’s stickers. 

Mini chocolate cakes 

Chocolate cakes are truly the real delights and none can refuse these. Have these offered as the mini replicas of the bigger wedding cake. This would allow serving the same feel to the guests. 

Flavored fennel and mint pouches 

Fennel and mint are much cherished in the Asian cultures. These could be had in the flavored forms that are served in the decorative pouches. Have the net pouches in bright red or green color with golden detailing. The pouches could carry the name of the couple. 

Customized choco pies in a gift box 

Have customized chocolate pies with the couple names and wedding date on them. Get these packed in a set of 2 or four in a decorative gift box. 

The dry fruits’ assortments 

Dry fruits are like eatable bucks; actually the bearer always cherishes a few rare and exotic nuts in his pockets. Besides, these carry fine value for the health also. There is no chance that any guest would not love it!

Exotic fruits assortment 

Exotic tropical fruits could be procured and packed in transparent net fabric pouches. These could be expensive but would generate an exclusive feel. 


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