Here Are The Lovely Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding 

Here Are The Lovely Ways To Use Flowers In Your Wedding

Wedding occasion is special because the individual enters the new phase of life that is blissful and full of genres to enjoy. The families of the bride and groom also feel the charm and warmth and want to live the good times with all the fervour. For all such significance attached to the institution of wedding, celebration and decoration have remained as its integral components throughout the world.

Every culture has its own way to mount up the celebration and brew the indulgences. As for the decoration, there have been different traditional options while the market is full of the modern concepts also. Flowers constitute the fundamental component and are used to decorate the wedding house and other icons and places of wedding like the venue. The last two decades have witnessed specialized and dedicated wedding florists’ services gaining demand in all the cultures of the world. They are specialists in developing a wholesome appeal through the best use of flowers in the wedding occasion. What are the best ways of floral decoration in wedding? Let’s look into these.

The wedding house 

Wedding house decoration is incomplete without flowers. The host family orders holistic decoration of their house with the best of the flowers to add a vibrant splash of colours and fragrance to the place. This decoration serves as the basis of other components like décor lighting and ribbons among others. Florists offer complete packages under different budget options to choose from. The choices could be really varied to include the regional economic varieties as also the exotics from the foreign lands.

The wedding venue

Wedding venue and the wedding party are the places where the actual ceremony is performed and hence deserve the finest of decorations. The florists offer wholesome development of the stage of the couple at the reception party and wedding dinner tables for the guests. This adds a fine charm to the occasion and the party. 

The wedding car

Wedding car is always decorated with the flowers. This is almost a tradition throughout the world. It is also one of the oldest services of the wedding florists. They are adept in decorating the cars with the best of the flowers

The wedding night room of the bride and groom 

Decoration of the wedding night accommodation for the bride and groom with flowers is a cherished tradition. In many cultures, the bed of the couple is also decorated with the fragrant flowers. This adds genres to their love moments.

The specialty icons like sehra for the couple

North Indian customs of marriage require that the groom wear a flower studded sehra on his head. This is the unique attire for him as he proceeds with his baraat to win his lady. The bride also wears a smaller sehra of white jasmine and lilies at the time of her vidaai. This is more common in Muslim marriages; she also wears some special ornaments like nose ring and necklace made in jasmine flowers. 


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