Here are the Most Stylish and Graceful Concepts of Wedding Invitations in 2017 

Here are the Most Stylish and Graceful Concepts of Wedding Invitations in 2017

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Wedding occasions are special because a new love bonding is developed together with the grace of God and blessings of family members and large numbers of guests that congregate to be part of the good time.


In fact, guests and hospitality that is offered to them is the important component of any wedding function. The hosts are pretty much inspired by the thought of best catering of foods and comfort for the guests so that they feel satisfied and happy. Consonant with same thoughts, the shaadi invitation card is also significant and today we find multitudes types of it available in the market. Sort of fine creativity has manifested in the segment of wedding invitations and we can find very stylish and graceful invitations now that are making trends in 2017. Here are the leading marriage invitation design concepts of demand. Have a look on these and buy Indian wedding invitation cards of your likes!


The Designer Cut and Folder Type Invitation Cards

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

These are available in plentitudes and practically speaking, you can find innumerable types to match your fancies and colors and design choice. The wedding card shop specializes in the best of designs that are most demanded. Most such cards are offered as folder types wherein the main invitation is offered in another leaflet that is placed inside the outer folder which is developed as artistic type. 


Multiple Cards for Different Functions All Packed in One 

Customized Wedding Cards

This is a new concept and makes the wedding invitation look grand and royal! The folder contains multiple cards each inviting the guest for a wedding function separately. This not only depicts the elaborateness of the wedding but also offers the flexibility to the host to invite selectively different guests as per their importance. Each of these wedding invitations has complete information like for sangeet, mehndi, sehra/pagdi rasm, haldi, Tel pujan and other cultural customs. 


Art Pieces with Invitation Imprint on it – A Souvenir for life!

Indian Wedding Invitations Ideas

This concept combines the gifting and invitation and the guest feels delighted after receiving such invitation from the host. There is practically no limit as to what type of gift you choose and it all depends upon your fancy and likes and budget also.


A Card Attached to a Gift Pack of Sweets - Assortment as a Mark of Goodness 

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This is also sort of gifting cum invitation concept with the only difference being that you do not opt for an art souvenir but a fooding choice like chocolates assortment or dry fruits or traditional Indian sweets of diversity like rasogullas and others. The gifts and wedding card shop today offers many such options to suit the likes of the seekers. 


The Pious Gift and an Invitation 

Shaadi Invitation Card

The invitation is offered as a pious seat with Lord Ganesha or Buddha placed on it while there is a box attached beneath that contains the sweets and the invitation card. It is an iconic concept! 


Handicraft Basket as a Gift Hampers that has Invitation too!

Marriage Invitation Card

Handicrafts of diversity can be chosen for wedding invitation to the guests. You can seek a hand woven basket with icons and gifts along with the invitation card. This also marks the deviation from the traditional invitation and makes the wedding invitation memorable. 

Choose yours from these iconic concepts of wedding invitations and make your wedding special! 


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