Here Are the Paradise Honeymoon Destinations with Their Exotic Flower Blooms  

Here Are the Paradise Honeymoon Destinations with Their Exotic Flower Blooms

Wedding apart from being most pious custom of human societies also offers the eternal union of the bride and groom so that they could enjoy the conjugal bliss. The post wedding time is therefore the best part of the couple life and both like to make out the most along all the dimensions such as fooding, excursions, love, romance and of course new bunch of relationships that abounds them. Honeymoon has been developed as a concept that offers a mine mix of all the desirable elements. Couples get very choosy about the destination of honeymoon as this is the fundamental determinant. Some may prefer the gaudiness and blitz of the cosmopolitan city like London or Dubai while other may like the flowers blooms to match up their new wedding life! Here are the most remarkable honeymoon destinations for flower lovers. They can experience the paradise blooming in full. 

The lavender blooms in Provence, France 

This is a typically famous destination for the honeymooners that love the Nature’s feel and want to have their bliss enjoyed amid the lush lavender fields. The bright purple flowers present an amazing view while the air is filled with the appealing fragrance that binds the couple to never leave the place. The duo can have the local excursions to the fields either as a lively stroll by the countryside streets or on bikes available on rent. The defining characteristic of this place is the natural rustic charm that is simply unmatched all the time. The couple can really have the memorable time of life here. 

The Munnar valleys in Kerala, India filled with the Neelakurunji flowers 

Kerala is known as ‘God’s Own Country’; and it really is if one asks for the natural wealth and beauty. The lush green valleys that abound the Nilgiris and adjoining region witness the exotic blooming of the neelakurunji flowers. These blue flowers typically bloom once in 12 years; although there are many varieties that differ slightly. The couple can enjoy their love life amid these blooms to live the ultimate moments. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, it is a perfect destination for the couple. 

The Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand, India

This destination is especially notable for its yearly bloom of the colourful flowers in the valleys of Himalayas. A perfect tourist spot, it also serves for the honeymooners in the season of the bloom. There is a variegated display of the bright blooms all over the place and this adds to couple’s good time. 

The rose Valley of Bulgaria 

The exotic display of rose blooms starts from the base of the Stara Planina Mountain and runs the Sredna Gora chain. The couple just cannot refuse this place that is filled with the rose aroma and the elegant beauty. 

Dzukou Flower Valley of Nagaland, India 

This valley is lesser known to the tourists visiting India but otherwise offers one of the finest displays of colourful blooms. The Dzukou Valley is located amid the Japfu range and sees the bloom of some rare lilies. 


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