Here Are the Riding Fashion Trends for Groom and His Men  

Here Are the Riding Fashion Trends for Groom and His Men

Wedding occasion needs to be lived with exclusivity and fervour. It is the time to enjoy the wedlock of one’s sibling or the close friend! There needs to be the finest of the attributes on display so that the celebration is evident! Attires serve in the best ways to live such good times. The groom is of course the central icon but the groomsmen are also important as they are assigned the high duty to give company to the groom! This is no ordinary assignment and they all have to look genres so that not even the least of groom’s appeal is affected. The groomsmen therefore try adoring the attires and jewels of relevance so as to shine in the entire occasion. This is like the Kohinoor in the diamonds studded ring. So let’s find out as what are the icons of current fashion trends for groom and groomsmen. 

The wedding suit for the groom and his company 

This is the fundamental component for the groom and party. Although all the males in the wedding occasion try finding a resonant suit for them, for the groom, it has to be a special one. As a tradition, they generally wear the formal gentleman’s suit that comprises a shirt in white or some lighter shade and pants; both of which are tailored in a customized manner. The shirt could be styled for distinctions like the cut away collars that suit perfectly well to the bow ties and the long ties. The pants in current fashion are generally with the narrowed bottom. This ensures the full display of the shiny shoes. 

The coat is generally made in the same fabric in which the pants are designed and is a fitting one to reveal the personality of the young groom and groomsmen. 

The tuxedo 

A tuxedo is a special coat and is much cherished by the groom and his men at the time of the formal wedding ceremony. These are typically referred to as the dinner jackets but these are liked for the formal occasions as well. Formal wedding tuxedos are an array and are held as the glam icons that are available in oxford blues and black velvet fabrics. 

The shoes 

The wedding shoes are still preferred in the classic designs in leather that may carry the exclusive handiwork. The rounded tips are in trend as compared to the square tips. Tones could be black (most of the times) or could be dark tan. 

Ties & pocket squares 

Grooms and his men like the slim skinny ties in sober shades of blacks, blues and grey. Bow ties are preferred by the groom as a mark of exclusivity. Pocket squares are made in satin and could be bright red or green or blue or white. 

Cufflinks, coat decorations and tie pin

These are the flashy jewelled adorations for the groom and his men. Cufflinks are really special and available in huge diversities. Coat decorations and tie pin are also liked. 


Leather belts are the norm for the wedding occasion. More exclusive ones have intricate detailing. 


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