Here Are the Spectacular Manicures to Suit Your Wedding Day 

Here Are the Spectacular Manicures to Suit Your Wedding Day

Wedding time is the special one for the bride and groom who prepare to tie the knot and live their future life as a couple. No wonder, both try looking special and therefore adore diversity of icons to beautify them. Different cultures of the world have also ensured the best of the customs and rituals that are aimed at optimizing the charm of the bride and groom. The Indian tradition of ‘ubtan’ is one such cherished practice that is carried before the wedding day. There are many such customs that are still practiced because the regional social bases have expressed their desires to preserve the same. The modern societies have developed refined forms of these processes and practices. Manicure is one of these and is aimed at beautifying the hands of the bride (even groom go for it). So which are the best manicures for your lovely wedding? Let’s find out the spectacular manicures. 

Manicures have expanded in scope and some like the French manicures and others include the application of designer nail colours and miniature jewels and innovative art patterns as well. This has led to the acceptance of manicure as a process for bridal beauty enhancement. Here are the iconic manicures – 

The gaudy colours bursting 

This is the most preferred one by the young ladies. They just want rich splash of colours on their nails and when it comes to their big day, something special is demanded. The bride can go for the single colour or multiple nail colours of exotic lustre. 

The flowery blooms on the nails 

This is the creative concept that the bride can choose to have on her wedding day. Specialist manicure artists decorate the nails with flowers and bouquets that are worked out as miniatures on the nails. 

Another type to live the flower blooms is to have the authentic flower art made with nail paint. This requires the real artistic skills of a miniatures’ painter. 

The geometric designs 

These are among the popular ones. The modern girls prefer to have different and hence exclusive geometric patterns of rich glossy colours on their nails. The designs could be chosen from the catalogue and often these are reproduced on the nails through stickers. 

How about having a love message on your nails!

Get exclusive on your big day by having a love message painted on your nails. This would be a mute yet spectacular gift from the bride to her groom. 

The polka dots on the bright nail paint 

Polka dots present a fine design for the nails decoration. This could suit well on your reception day when you and your husband receive the guests. Go for the white polkas on black background or vice versa. That would look stunning!

The wedding miniatures – dancing couple

Try the wedding miniature arts like the different dancing couples on your nails. 

Silvery or golden or copper glitter paint 

Go for complete coverage of your nails with copper, silver or gold glitter. You would look exclusive. 


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