Here Are the Tips for Arrangements At The Small Wedding Venues  

Here Are the Tips for Arrangements At The Small Wedding Venues

Wedding occasion involves lots of ceremonies that are populated by the relatives and friends who come to offer their blessings. Their presence makes the wedding wholesome and authentic. It is therefore the duty of the host family to make the best arrangements for them so that they never feel the inconsistencies or bad catering towards them. When a lavish occasion is planned with the escorts of the wedding planner and all the specialized helps and large spacious venues, then there is least to worry. However, when there are small wedding venues things have to be sorted and arranged in a typical manner so that the fervor is not missed and all the requisites are ensured with due importance. Many people look out for the tips for making fine arrangements at small wedding venues. Here are the essential counsels for such seekers.

It should be mentioned that most of such counsels are oriented towards the constraints that generally emerge at the small wedding venues. People often find themselves ill-equipped to deal with these aberrations because they don’t have any experience of dealing with these. The situations are spontaneous for them. However, with simple planning these could be tackled. 

  • Pay attention to the dinner seating at the venue
The wedding dinner is central to the occasion and the guests are really delighted about it. Thus foremost attention should be given to this requirement at the wedding venue. When the venue is small, lavish arrangements are generally not possible because the available space is up for competition between different demands of the occasion; & fooding is the one that cannot be given secondary importance. So what could be done? Have the buffet served if there is severe space shortage; else go for the seating plan. Another option is to serve the multiple rounds so that a 25 seat plan could be served 4 times to cater to 100 guests. 

  • A small stage is always necessary together with guest seating
Set out a stage for having the nuptial ceremony and where the couple could be seated during the reception party. The form and size of the stage could be manipulated as per the available space. This stage must be complemented by the guest seating in front of the stage. This should again be made out as a big or moderate one as per the available space. 

  • Ensure proper place of food preparation 
Food preparation is as significant as the food catering towards the guests. A separate place should be allotted for this task. However, the backyard space would suffice and there is no need to allot the front section of the venue. 

  • Ensure clear uninterrupted catering passages
The food catering passages should also be maintained if these have not been offered in a dedicated manner. These passages should not be frequented by the guests! 

  • The value addition 
Value addition could be developed in the small wedding venue also through the potted plants, and other elements like rosettes & balloons among others. 


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