Here Are the Tips For Having A Perfect Wedding Spray Tan 

Here Are the Tips For Having A Perfect Wedding Spray Tan

Every bride wants to look great on her big day which is her wedding. She adores the best of attires and jewelleries and also does specialty cosmetics makeovers so as to generate the charming appeal. To improve, rather optimize the radiance of the skin, spray tans are also available that offer the golden hue or whichever tone that is demanded. These days, more of the brides in the western nations are relying on these spray tans to look magnetic on their day of wedding. However, this is no ordinary cosmetic adoration and some essential points need to be considered each time and by every bride. What are these counsels and how to follow these? Let’s look into the details.

Why have spray tan?

Spray ta ns claim to generate the same results that are naturally generated by the sun tan in the open. So why not get the same naturally and why at all spend money on having an artificial one? This question may bother! There are good reasons in favour of the spray tans. The most important of these reasons is the ability to do the manipulations which are actually the function of the expertise held by the tan technician. A lady who is to become bride in immediate future should not rely on the uneven results of the natural tan. Here are few tips on spray tans – 

Have a test always 

Having a trial should always be considered. Never go for the blind service just before your wedding as you never know of the results that would actually appear through the tanning. Go for a test at least 30 – 40 days before your wedding. You will get a sense of what and how your body has responded. This would keep you prepared for the actual wedding tan. 

Golden glow would be good rather than dark tan 

Spray tans are available to generate different hues. Generally tan means a adopting a dark hue. But for the bride this should not be the choice. She should go for the golden spray that generates a sort of glow and radiance for the bride. This would make her stand different and exclusive on her wedding. 

Get to the tan salon two days before the wedding 

Go for the spray tanning two days before your wedding. A spray tan results generally takes about 10 – 12 hours to produce the best results on the skin. The colour settles in and a uniform hue is offered. 

Same salon, same technician and the same solution 

Always go to the same salon where you had the trial and if you were satisfied with what you got. Also try getting the wedding spray tan from the same technician that gave the tan last time at trial. The solution should also be the same. 

Points to care 

Some points of caution need to be considered if the best results are to be developed. Look out here below!

No sweating tasks by the bride 

The bride should avoid the tasks or conditions of high or more than normal sweating. This could decrease the hue and glow. 

Treat the skin 

Always treat your skin with cleansers; especially the knee and ankle regions before getting the tan. 


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