Here Are the Tips for Making an Exclusive Day Wise Wedding Plan 

Here Are the Tips for Making an Exclusive Day Wise Wedding Plan

Wedding is a grand occasion that continues for several days. This is because of the great significance attached to this social custom and the relevance of it in the life of every individual. Different cultures around the world have developed elaborate traditions that determine the wedding ceremony and the actual process of it. Apart from the actual ceremony day, lots of rituals are lined up to be followed before and after the wedding. This makes the wedding really grand and wholesome. The planning of such grand functions has to be done appropriately and in consonance with the rituals and customs of relevance in every culture. Every host tries to make an exclusive plan that is better suited to the customized requirements and which delivers as per the demands. Here are the tips on how to make an exclusive day wise wedding plan in the Indian contexts. 

Planning as per different wedding functions is necessary 

The Indian wedding consists of different rituals like mehendi, sangeet, tilak (in Hindus) and others which make up the entire marriage. While these functions are generally common, some sort of exclusivity could be offered in all these. This could be done in two ways. Either new icons are included or the existing ones are delivered a special feel. Either way, the customization has to be given due attention. Let’s see how this could be done. 

Take into account your core demands and identify the events in chronology 

As stated above, every culture has its own set of rituals and thus specific requirements also. Planning is all about meeting these requirements. One definitive aspect of ‘planning’ is to identify the core as well as peripheral requirements in totality so that proper arrangements are ensured. If you fail to identify the demands, the first aberrations start; because the demands would necessarily come up at their time and zero planning towards these would affect the quality of the wedding occasion. 

Differentiate the timelines for each event 

Having identified the events of the wedding, it is time to differentiate the timelines as per the cultural traditions. There could be different chronologies in different regions or families. Clearly demarcate the days for each function to set out the entire time frame of the wedding occasion. This would help in making a perfect plan where there would be no overlapping. 

Set aside the budget and finance requirements for each event

Having delineated the different events, the next step in planning would be to ascertain the finances’ requirements and also to determine how and from where this would be secured. 

Try to have the logistics support for every day and event 

This is very much necessary for the hassle free procuring of the commodities and for ferrying the guests from home to the venue of the wedding function. A lack of such support could generate the crunches and time delays also. 

The place for the guests’ accommodation 

The planning should also include the space for the guests’ accommodation as per the customized requirements. 


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