Here are the tips on cake tasting and selection for your wedding 

Here are the tips on cake tasting and selection for your wedding

Wedding occasions are marked by numerous icons and events that are all centred on the bride and groom. A wedding cake is one such icon that is yummy and thus cherished by all. The wedding cake tradition is the integral aspect of the western culture and still continues with all the fervour. However, the cake tradition has fast spread to other regions and cultures of the world also. The bakers are engaged with all their creativities to cater towards the demands that have almost gone flamboyant; in the sense that people are requisitioning the sophistications and novelties all the more openly. However, the cake is always marked by its yumminess and the couple should therefore go for tasting before ordering their wedding cakes! 

Going to bakery shop and asking to taste a cake sounds weird! However, this is a specialty service that most of the leading bakers offer towards the couples that are ready to tie the knot. Most of the times, the wedding cakes are super big so as to allow the catering to all the guests. It has to be one of the finest also because the guests who have come to be the part of this celebration simply deserve the best. Tasting allows the chance to assure of the attributes. However, couples often feel the confusion about what to look during such tasting at the bakers’ shops. Here are the counsels for them!

Check out the leading choices 

The first thing that needs to be done is to look out for all the choices available in the baker’s shop. What flavours they serve and whether the vendor is offering the prominent choices or not? You can scout for the leading bakers in the city and then make the comparisons. The tasting component is derived through the special counters operated by the bakers. Most offer the cupcakes that you could taste at the bakery shop itself and these can also be ordered in packing to be tasted at home. The pricing may vary from one to other baker and generally this is not free! Many bakers allow free tasting if the initial amount has been deposited towards the cake order in future. Some may charge few dollars for the cupcakes. 

Do not get carried by your choice 

While choosing the flavours, do not just carried by your personal choices; rather go for the most popular flavours of the wedding cake. 

The décor need to be tasted through eyes 

After the flavours choice has been done, see for the actual look and feel of the cake. Ask the vendor for the probable choices or those which have been already served to the clients in the past. You can make out the leads about vendor’s calibres. 

Inquire into the cream quotients 

You can ask for the cake cream and butter choices. The bakers usually have the grading for the icing and buttering of the cakes. These also define the yumminess and overall quality of the cake. You can go tasting the icing as well. Some bakers offer the tasting cones and cups. 

Inquire into the costs 

Look out for the cost as this is also significant and is the basis for making balanced comparisons. 


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