Here Are the Tips on How to Take A Perfect Selfie Of Your Engagement Ring 

Here Are the Tips on How to Take A Perfect Selfie Of Your Engagement Ring

Engagement marks the foundation of the new relation. The young couple is formally announced through the authentic customs and traditions that are distinct in different cultures of the world. However, some traditions like that of exchanging the engagement rings have emerged as the cherished ones throughout the world. The reasons could be the feel of intimacy that is developed while exchanging the rings by the prospective bride and groom. While the regional customs could be also performed, the rings ceremony is now the integral component. The young couple develops a feel and charm for the engagement ring and taking a selfie of one’s ring has become the norm. And why not! The same has to be posted immediately to the friends who could not make it to your good occasion. But the pic has to be fine and must depict all the intricacies. Here are the tips to take a perfect selfie of one’s engagement ring. 

Although you may not be a professional shutter bug but with the tips here below you can definitely take a perfect pic!

Bright yet natural light – no flash 

First of all ensure that you are in a brightly lit space. Day light is always better because it is evenly spread throughout so that there is hardly any chance of missing the glare from any side. Try avoiding the flash because this will create the photonic bursts which will definitely be strong to hide the real intricacies of your ring and its gems. Direct sunshine is also not desirable as this would be like the natural flash. 

No zoom; move the camera instead!

Avoid zooming in on the ring as this could make it blurred. Try to move the camera back and forth to adjust the right distance with the ring. You will get the perfect clarity and size of the ring in the selfie. 

Get your nails good 

This is the added attribute because if your nails are in the bad condition, your selfie would lose appeal. Try to add some moisturizer also on your hands. However, don’t go for the lustrous silvers or golden nail colours because it could interfere with your ring’s brightness; and would make it one among many lit ups.

No detailing or clutter in the background

Keep the background clean so that there are no undue reflections from there. Useless clutter elements could distract the attention of the beholder. Your engagement ring could lose much of its value if your background is overcrowded. 

Try including your self 

This could be a great idea in it. A natural selfie would be produced if you pose with your ring. For this, keep your ring finger close to your face such that you are supporting your chin with your hand and sitting easy. 

Include your finance 

Include your fiancée in the background of the ring (finger). However, you would have to adjust the distance between them so as to have the best one. 


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