Here Are The Tips On Selection Of Accommodations For Wedding Guests 

Here Are The Tips On Selection Of Accommodations For Wedding Guests

Wedding is a grand occasion because of the congregation of the relatives and friends, all of whom come to become the part of the celebration. The bride and groom are of course the central icons but their significance is built only amid the guests and for the same reason, every culture of the world has developed traditions to honour and respect their wedding guests in the best manners. No wonder, we have all the dimensions of wedding celebration spread open for them so that they can enjoy fully and thus breed the high enthusiasm. 

Arranging a fine accommodation for them is part of the guests’ catering. Often the host family feels the confusion about making this arrangement, especially if there are large numbers of guests who have come from the far off destinations. In such circumstances, the host family has to bear the entire responsibility of their guests. What are the essential requirements that need to be served in a proper arrangement for the guests? Let’s look into these dimensions – 

The optimum space for all the guests 

While choosing the accommodation for the guests, always ensure that there is optimum space for all the guests; otherwise they would feel the crunch. This could be a bad situation because they would miss their home comfort and think of futility to come to the wedding occasion. This ultimately translates into the bad reputation for the host whose duty is to take care of all the guests in the best manners. While assessing the space requirements, the host can make the choice from the available options. 

The choices of the accommodation for wedding guests could depend upon the adequacy, one’s budget and convenience. The host family can go for booking the hotel rooms and suites for the wedding guests. While this is the most refined option, it is also the most costly one. An exclusive and heavy chunk of the wedding budget needs to be set apart as the hospitality bill. Another option is to book some bigger house in the close neighbourhood on rent. This is very convenient option because all the guests could be accommodated easily and all will remain very near to the wedding house. This allows them to take part in the good rituals and pre wedding customs.

Another option is to make arrangement in one’s own house. While this is most economical option, it should be relied only when the house is pretty big to accommodate all the guests together with all their requirements.

Securing a space to relax, rest and sleep is not sufficient towards guests’ catering. There are other dimensions also that are vital and need to be taken care of equally well. Let’s look into the prominent ones - 

The arrangements for relaxing and sleeping 

There should be proper arrangements for the relaxing and sleeping of the guests. The host has to arrange beds, pillows, cushions and other accessories for them. The aim of the host should be to optimize the comfort for them. 

The presence of appropriate numbers of washrooms

There should good numbers of washrooms in proper and hygienic condition. 

Refreshments and meals arrangement for them

There should be good refreshment available all the time so that the guests could enjoy their leisure talk while having the snacks.


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