Here Are The Tips To Choose Bridesmaids And Maid Of Honour 

Here Are The Tips To Choose Bridesmaids And Maid Of Honour

Wedding is the big day for the bride and groom! They are set for the ultimate union for life and live as a loving couple. No wonder, this occasion sees lots of rituals and traditions that deliver authenticity to the ceremony. The bride and groom need to adhere to all these formal rituals and do need the escort and assistance of a friend. The role of bridesmaid, maid of honour, groomsman & best man has been created with the objective of helping out the bride and groom in their tasks and fulfilments of diversity during the occasion. For the bride, lots of intricacies and details need to be taken care of and often she feels confused about whom to choose her maid of honour from the many bridesmaids available to her. Many brides get confused about the distinction of the roles of the bridesmaids and the maid of honour. Here is the discussion on their roles and allied counsels on how to choose them!

Bride seeks help and support!

Bride is definitely the centre of attraction at the wedding day and she knows this fact truly. Besides, she has to adore the optimizing charm for her groom who is coming to win her forever. These thoughts are really heavy and carry fine emotional quotients for the bride. She therefore seeks the help of some trusted person, preferably a close lady that is young and understands her concern at every step throughout the rituals of the wedding ceremony. This is the lady that suits to the profile of a maid of honour. The choice has to be really authentic therefore; for the bride would depend upon this lady for the most intricate of her needs including the personal and emotional. 

Maid of honour – takes care of the personal and emotional needs of the bride! 

The dress of the bride is fine attractive attire that is marked by its rich decorative appeal. However, this adoration attire needs special handling which the bride alone cannot take care of. Here again her maid of honour is ready to offer the all required help. This signifies the level of intimacy that is actually required and thus at the same time offers the clues about whom to choose as one’s maid of honour. This lady should be one who is close to the bride; she could be her sister or the closest friend. They would better understand the needs of the bride and moreover they would cushion the emotional impulses and nervousness of the bride in the best manner. This latter dimension is the most important one; for if her maid fails to buffer her emotional needs then she could be feeling much uneasiness and lonely during the entire occasion. So choose such a lady whom you trust and feel close to share any thought of yours. 

Who could be my bridesmaids?

The bridesmaids are the young girls who could be the friends or relatives from the family. These girls give company to the bride during the entire wedding ceremony. Their task is to complement the aura and personality of the bride by creating a wholesome presence at the wedding occasion. The bride feels secure through their company and could rely on them for her different needs. However, the more personal role is reserved with one of them which is the maid of honour. Thus, as for choosing the bridesmaids, it is better to round up those young girls that have come to become the part of your wedding occasion. Their charming presence is definitely the beholders’ delight while they beautifully complement their bride in all respects. 


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