Here Are the Tips to Choose the Diamond Engagement Ring for the Bride & Groom  

Here Are the Tips to Choose the Diamond Engagement Ring for the Bride & Groom

Engagement marks the new relationship that will fructify through the marriage custom and will allow the bride and groom to live as a couple for ever. To celebrate this special occasion, special jewelleries have been developed and continue to be offered in exotic forms and designs. Engagement ring is one such icon of fundamental value and both the bride and groom exchange their rings to depict their love and affection towards each other. The modern age has witnessed an unprecedented charm and demand of the diamond engagement rings. The reasons are manifested and simple! A diamond itself is no less than adoration and when studded on to the precious metal ring, its value emerges as symbolic of a charmed bliss for the couple. 

The caterers from around the world are upbeat and offering more supplies of the finest conflict free diamonds every year. There is a broader catering and the companies are paying equal attention to the emerging new social classes also that want an economical diamond ring for the bride or groom. However, expensive or economical, a diamond always speaks of its value! 

What to look in the diamonds when choosing for the engagement ring? 

This question in very important, for the diamond industry is operated through the objective parameters. These parameters help to reach out to the diamonds of choice in an authentic manner. However, the buyer must know the attributes of relevance. What are these? Let’s look into. 

1. The size 

Size is the fundamental measure of any diamond & this is expressed in carats which actually relates to its weight in cut and polished form. Higher the number of carats, bigger the diamond would be and greater would be the price of it. 

2. The cut 

Cut is the mark of its appearance. There are round cut diamonds, princess cut, the emerald cut and the oval type as the prominent ones. For the engagement ring, people generally prefer the round cut or the princess cut as these offer finest optimizations. 

3. Colour 

There are colored diamonds available also; however, the demand for the white transparent diamonds for the engagement rings is maximum. 

4. Clarity 

Look out at least for the mid-scale clarity of the diamond (there is an objective scale offered for it) so that the look of the diamond is fine. 

The metal choices for the diamond engagement ring -

  • Yellow gold – gold has been the traditional metal choice for the engagement rings since ages and it still rules as a better and expensive variant. Gold in 18 carat is generally offered on account of it being finely malleable and carrying requisite hardness to hold the diamonds in it as firm. 

  • White gold – this is the new gold alloy that has become popular in the recent years. The reason is the super lustre that it offers and thus brilliantly matches the diamond appeal and glow. 

  • Rose gold and red gold – these are also gold alloys and contain 50% to 75% of gold and rest could be copper (offering the red/pink colour). These have become the modern choices for engagement rings. 


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