Here Are The Vital Tips On Making A Perfect Wedding Reception Seating Plan 

Here Are The Vital Tips On Making A Perfect Wedding Reception Seating Plan

Wedding reception is a gala event that is generally well laid and cuisines and aromas mark the fervour. However, guests are the real icons at the wedding receptions and they deserve the best arrangements towards them. They have been part of the main wedding ceremony and have given all the quality company and support to you. What you can do is to make out the finest offers towards them in the reception party. A seating plan emerges out as a fundamental component of the arrangements towards the guests. In the absence of a proper seating plan, there could be commotion and all the offers of the cherished cuisines could be spoiled. Often the hosts get confused about how to make out a neat and well spread seating plan for all their guests so that there are no aberrations in the catering and overall party fervour. Here are the vital tips that need to be looked into for designing an efficient and fail proof wedding seating plan

Prepare the lists

Before you go for the seating plan at your wedding reception, it is imperative to have the guests’ list in hand. Without this you cannot make a specific plan. It is not only the numbers that matter; the actual task is that of the names in the guests’ list. You need to accommodate the names in the seating plan and not merely the heads. This is creative! 

Make the sketch on paper as per the wedding reception venue 

It is good to start on a fresh paper. Make the sketch of the probable plans and you need to take into account the dimensions as also location and type of the wedding reception venue. It is here that the task begins. Is your reception venue a terrace of a glam restaurant in the heart of the city? In such case you have to ensure that everyone gets a table with a fine view. Similarly, none of the tables should be placed in the dim lights in a garden reception evening. Also, you have to adjust all the guests in the available space. 

Have regard for the combinations as this is the real test! 

Having achieved the structural arrangements, it is the time for the human concept. Now you are required to make the combinations of the families, friends, relatives, neighbours and such other groups of relevance. You have to identify these groups and you could find the genre combinations also like the newly engaged couple!

Never forget the old as they deserve the highest respect 

Keep the seats of the old age guests at a proper place so that they do not have to struggle reaching out there and also occupy appropriately significant place. 

Keep the corridors of service and catering 

This is very essential! Unless there is proper arrangement for the catering and food service the party can’t go well. There would be chaos. A specialized corollary is also that the caterers should be informed about the veg and non-veg tables so that they make the prior arrangements. 


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