Here Are the Wonderful Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Venue  

Here Are the Wonderful Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Wedding is an occasion marked by auspiciousness and celebration. There are huge gatherings of friends and relatives who all become part of the fervor that abounds the wedding house. However, all such celebrations require extensive arrangements to be done before hand. The catering towards the guests is also a significant task and determines the quality of the wedding function; while the tasks integral to the groom and bride and their wedding ceremony also have to be accomplished in the best spirits. Wedding venue plays important role in ensuring all the necessary arrangements and therefore the selection of the same is also very significant. Often the seekers make out their choice with lack of proper information and then have to suffer through the ill arrangements. So, what are the tips of choosing the wedding venue? Here are the vital counsels to guide you in making the right selection. 

The space availability 

This is the parameter most fundamental to your wedding arrangements. Unless the venue offers the optimum space, the lay out for the wedding function is not possible. The space should be chosen in direct proportion to the number of the guests that have been invited to the wedding party. 

Is it certified for offering the demanded services? 

It is always good to look for the certifications carried by the wedding venue by the relevant authorities of the city. Is its license as a party place renewed for this year or suspended? Also, look out whether there are any restrictions regarding the sound on account of it being near to hospital or school? If there are then surely you won’t be able to play the wedding party music loud and all the time. This could affect the party enjoyment. 

Its location and accessibility 

Location of the wedding venue is always important. If the venue is located in the city fringes, many of the guests could find it difficult to reach there for the evening function. The caterers would find the centrally located venue better for offering their services. 

The essential supplies – electricity and potable water 

The wedding venue should have appropriate supply of electricity and potable water – the two most important requirements of primary importance for all other tasks. Electricity is very important for the party decoration and music while water is required for refreshment/catering purposes.

The catering facilities 

There should be proper arrangements for the caterers’ services. A dedicated place should be reserved for meals preparation and drinks catering among others. In the absence of proper channels of catering, the party could get messed. 

Parking lot availability 

Parking lot is very important else the guests won’t be able to park their vehicles. Many a times a wedding venue is centrally located in a posh location but has a crunched parking lot. This could create problem. 

The cost including that of value addition 

Cost is the major determinant. Check the cost including that of the value added services and do the comparisons with other options that you have searched. 


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