Here Are Tips and Counsels for the Bridesmaids Dress Colors Scrutiny  

Here Are Tips and Counsels for the Bridesmaids Dress Colors Scrutiny

Bridesmaids are the special attendants of the bride and serve towards her in all capacities. Their first objective is to optimize the aura and charm of the bride by generating a wholesome company. Their other tasks include the exclusive types such as holding bride’s gown, offering her pen for signature during the ceremony and also holding her bouquet while she is busy. This requires that the maids are themselves dressed up in their best so that the bride really likes their presence around her. 

The traditional wedding etiquette has been that all the bridesmaids dress up in the same color and style so that a matching fervor is developed that complements the bridal charm to the fullest. However, this gets tricky because all the bridesmaids are different in their looks and personalities. One style cannot be picked for all; although color could be kept same. But then the choice of color of the bridesmaids’ dresses should be properly done. What factors should be considered while making the color choice? Let’s look into. 

Her personality 

This is the most essential factor that needs to be looked into while deciding the color. Choose a color that matches with the personalities of all of the bridesmaids. A good balancing act is required as this could never be ideally possible in any case. However, an element of respite could be derived by allowing the bridesmaids to have customized dresses and styles of their liking. This would make up the matching with their overall persona. 

Her complexion

Complexion of the maid(s) is very significant for the determination of the color of their dresses. Dark hues would adapt better to the darker colors like the bright reds or the deep purple. The fairer complexion can take up both the choices; that is darker gaudy colors or the lighter sober ones. 

The wedding season

The season in which the wedding is taking place is also a determinant. If there are dry summers at that time then the brighter yet light shades would be good. However, the deep and heavy shades would generate much of the liveliness in the winter wedding function. 

The wedding venue 

Wedding venue is now a concept driven by creativity and individual choices. Apart from the indoor wedding, there are other popular options like the mid-day beach wedding or the daytime garden wedding among others. Make up your bridesmaid dress color choice accordingly. For the beach wedding for instance, do not go for the blues or purple but for the contrast (to skies and ocean) like red or orange or lush green or pinks. 

The wedding time 

Time is also a determinant in the color choice for the bridesmaid dress. For the day time wedding function the brightest of the colors would be good. For the night function, both bright deeper colors and lighter hues could be chosen. 

The trends 

Always keep information of the latest trends! The bridesmaids would feel great if you choose the trendy color. 


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