Here Comes The Tips To Awe Your Guests By Your Wedding Choreography 

Here Comes The Tips To Awe Your Guests By Your Wedding Choreography

At every wedding, there just has to be a dance by the bride and the groom. This dance does not necessarily have, to be professional and technically perfect. It just needs to be entertaining. Even those guests, who may not be interested in watching the other dances at the reception, would be looking forward to the dance of the bride and the groom.


Wedding Dance Choreography

As soon as the DJ calls you and your partner to the floor, all activity would stop, and all eyes would be glued on you. Therefore, even if you have two left feet, you will not be able to avoid the scrutiny and judgment of your guests. It, therefore, becomes necessary to hire the top wedding choreographer in India to help you in preparing a decent and presentable dance performance for your wedding reception.


Below are a few tips that will help you in ensuring that your first dance becomes a memorable performance:


Find The Best Choreographer: One That Specializes In Wedding Dance

Dance Choreographer

Almost everyone these days is hiring a choreographer for wedding. This choreographer not only sets the steps for the song on which you wish to dance, but he or she also works with you to ensure that you are able to perform those dance moves in style. Even if you have good dancing skills hiring this choreographer would still be a good idea as he or she will help in making your performance look absolutely perfect.


Start Dance Classes As Soon As Possible For Wedding

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As soon as the date for your wedding is set, you should immediately join the dance classes of the best wedding dance choreographer in your city. Choosing a wedding dress, making the guest list, sending out invites, and all other wedding preparation can be done in a matter of days, but learning how to dance can take weeks or months. Therefore, you need to make sure that you give yourself ample of time to polish your dancing skills, and prepare a memorable dance performance for your wedding. Hence, joining dance classes as soon as possible becomes necessary.


Find The Ideal Wedding Song

Top Wedding Dance Choreographer in India

The song on which you are going to get the wedding dance choreography set is also very important. If your dancing skills are not very good, selecting a good song would be able to cover up your mistakes partially. The wedding choreographers know all the latest as well as old wedding songs and based on your capabilities, they would be able to suggest a great song for you. You can even choose to perform on your favorite song.


Consider Your Wedding Dress

Marriage Choreography

Brides spend loads of money and time in choosing the designer Indian dresses for their wedding. The engagement dress for Indian bride tends to be lavish and heavy, restricting the movement of the bride. Hence, when choosing the song and setting the choreography for your wedding dance, you need to make sure that the choreographer takes your wedding dress and the restrictions it poses into consideration.


Decide When To Do Your Wedding Dance During The Reception

Wedding Choreography

The timing of your dance needs to be special. You can either start the ceremony with your dance, or keep your grand performance as the closing act. These days the entire reception ceremony is scripted, and based on the story line, the performance of the bride and the groom may find its way in the middle of the other dances as well. Just make sure that your performance is placed in such a manner that it manages to appear special and leaves an impact on the audience.


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