Hiring A Wedding D.J 

Hiring A Wedding D.J

Traditional Indian wedding is said to be incomplete without the right selection of wedding music, therefore it becomes very essential to carefully hire the right DJ for your wedding party. Finding a good DJ is not a child’s play. The points mentioned below would help you in making the right choice. 

Music is the third most important thing in your wedding after the food and the venue. By simply following the do’s and don’ts explained here you can overcome most of the challenges faced while deciding upon the DJ.

Narrow Down your Requirements

The first step in setting forth for wedding DJ look out is to focus on the requirements based on the type of gathering, the venue selected and the theme of the wedding. Music for weddings must be such that it complements the other wedding arrangements. Depending upon the feel of music and the kind of experience required decide if you want a DJ or a music band to perform at your wedding reception. Your budget also plays a vital role in deciding what you want.

Prepare your wedding music list by being very specific about your playlist. Include categories like prelude music, recessional music, cocktail music, dance music, dinner music, farewell music, etc.

Determine the budget for your music requirement

Fix a tentative budget for the music requirement of your wedding reception. Also fix a variance for the same. This would help you in short listing the selected DJs later.

Search for the DJs online

Almost every professional DJ or wedding guitarist has a website. You can search for them online by browsing in the search engine. The website must contain clear description of the DJ’s style, pricing and experience. Most of the websites also have a tool to check the availability of the DJ on the wedding date you want to book for.

Compile a list of prospective DJs and Contact them before Selecting

Based on the website description, the pricing quoted on his website, his availability on the date of wedding reception and also the reviews mentioned by his previous clients, narrow down a list of short listed DJs. Try to select the DJs who work local to your location. Ensure that the DJs short listed by you special in wedding music and have a good experience in Indian wedding music. Be careful before hiring DJ from among the family or friends unless they are the professional ones. 

While contacting the DJ companies make sure you directly get to speak to the DJ who would be performing at your wedding ceremony directly.

Compare the prices quoted by all the DJs and compare them. Try selecting the most competitive one. Ask him if there are any additional costs involved. Make the contract ready in writing from the DJ or his company. Deposit only the advance and refrain from paying the balance before the wedding reception. Make sure the DJ hired by you has great experience, especially in wedding music. It is important to meet the DJ personally before hiring him as the personality of the DJ plays a vital role. He must be friendly and gentle speaking.


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