Horoscope Matching and the Importance of Wedding Priests & Pandit 

Horoscope Matching and the Importance of Wedding Priests & Pandit

The entire Vedas, Puranas and the religious scriptures have mentioned household responsibility as the highest religion. Not only two bodies but two souls combine to achieve the life goals collectively through a household that they make together. Every soul is born to accomplish the goal of its life that is achieved through the ideals of dharma (the duty), arth (the money), Kaam (the sex) and the moksha (the enlightenment)! The external and internal structure of the human body, its pulse, blood group, good and bad attributes and behavior determine different types of beings. Therefore, for the purpose of finding life partner and marriage, horoscope (kundli) matching has been recommended in all the scriptures of the world. Hence, one can take help of affordable wedding pandit in Delhi, for the same.


Prima facie, it appears that after taking birth, the person is indebted to three kinds of loans, namely – god’s loan, saint’s loan and father’s loan.


The marriage custom which involves the meeting of two bodies and souls together is aimed at allowing the human to free self from these three loans while moving forward the development cycle of nature and remaining committed to dharma (the spiritual-moral code of life).

Horoscope Matching

For Kundli Milan - Mangal Bhavan

According to Jyotish sciences (astrology), Marriage Pandits confirms the fact that for a blissful and happy household life and to get a compatible life partner, it is important to match eight astrological codes.

These are as follows-


  • The mutual work potentials of the boy and girl

  • The understanding between the boy and girl for the purpose of making socio-economic and family decisions

  • The mutual effect of the fate of the boy and girl on each other

  • Cognitive and mental coordination between the boy and girl 

  • Good attributes for leaving impact and influence on each other 

  • Unbound love and affection between the boy and girl

  • The effect of mutual relations of boy and girl on their health


These eight codes determine the merits during the horoscope matching and these are called as varna Maitri, asya Maitri, tara Milan, yoni milan, grah maitri, gana maitri, bhakut and nadi sanyog. Jyotish in Delhi are well versed in the knowledge of these codes in detail and their advice is something which should not be avoided, in order to be in a healthy relationship.

Horoscope Matching

Wedding Priests & Pandits - Mangal Bhavan

Therefore, for an eternal relation like marriage, it is imperative to get the horoscope matching done by the Wedding Priests & Pandits and do the analysis of merits and demerits before performing appropriate corrective actions for the boy and girl.


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