Hot Trends In Wedding Invitations 

Hot Trends In Wedding Invitations

The tone for the wedding day is set by the wedding invitations, and it is for this reason that the brides and the grooms these days are demanding from the wedding stationery designers to come up with new and innovative ideas for making their wedding stationery look absolutely gorgeous. In order to cater to these changing demands, the wedding stationery designers have in turn started to offer a wide variety of designs for the wedding cards. Whether you want to go in for a luxurious look for your wedding invitation or think that a rustic style would match more with your wedding theme, you have a huge choice of designs and patterns which are now available for the wedding invites.

Some of the latest and hottest trends in the world of wedding invitations have been discussed below:

Envelope Liners

The first thing that the wedding guests see of your wedding card, when they open it, is the liner of the envelope. Yet this liner for long has been ignored. But now, the latest trend is to come out with some innovative ideas for the special designing of the envelope liners. By using some fun designs for these liners, you can make the wedding card extremely eye popping. 


Sparkle has become an important part of weddings this season. Whether you are decorating the favour to be distributed after the wedding or the decorations of the wedding venue, you would find sparkle being used in almost every aspect of the weddings these days. Therefore, it would only be right to use this sparkle in your wedding cards as well, if for no other reason than just to make the card feel like a part of the rest of the wedding decorations. 

Luxury Sets

There are a lot of other invites and sheets which accompany the invite for the main wedding ceremony. You need to send the RSVP card, the wedding reception card, and cards for any other functions which you may be organizing. You can make a laser cut pocket in which all of these sheets can be safely placed. The colour and pattern of the pocket can be similar to the wedding colour. 

Graphics And Geometrical Figures

From circles to triangle to squares, almost all the geometrical and graphical figures are increasing finding a place for themselves in the modern day wedding invitation cards. Even simple bold lines are being artistically used for giving the card a bit of an edge and a contemporary feel at the same time. 

Jewel Tone Colours

If you are someone who loves colours and wants his or her card to represent this love for the colours, then you would be happy to know that one of the latest trends in the world of invitations invites is to use jewel tone colours in the cards. These colours can really help in making your card come alive.  

Rustic Tags

If you want to give your card a rustic feel, then you can opt for a wooden tag or even use burlap to tie the card. 


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