Hotel Wedding Venues Requirements 

Hotel Wedding Venues Requirements

Weddings are a grand affair and hotel wedding venues are one of the best choices. However, there are a lot of factors and requirements related to hotels that can make or mar any wedding reception. Read on to find out the hotel wedding venue requirements. 

Hotel’s geographical location

It is very important that the wedding location you select is easily accessible for your guests and family. No wedding can be perfect without the presence of your special guests, friends and family. It is always advisable to choose a wedding venue nearby an airport or railway station or in the main city. If you’re planning to host a destination wedding, then you need to calculate the costs and total outlay of getting them to the wedding venue.

Theme of the wedding

Another thing you need to consider before choosing a venue is whether the place matches with the theme and style of wedding you’re planning to host. Decide whether you want to host a formal or a casual wedding, indoor or outdoor, traditional or unique and creative. Make sure you do the site inspection and click pictures to see how it’ll look on your wedding day. Imagine in your mind how you want your big day to look like and if it fits in the hotel you’ve chosen, and then it’s the perfect choice. 

Alcohol and music requirements

While choosing the hotel for your big day, make sure you know beforehand if they have any alcohol restrictions, time restrictions or music restrictions. If your guests also like to smoke, and then make sure that you opt for a venue that has no smoking restrictions. If loud music and dancing are essential to you on your big day, then make sure that you choose a venue that won’t hinder the smooth flow of dances. 

Parking space

In urban locations and especially residential areas, parking is a huge problem. While choosing a hotel for your wedding reception, make sure that they have enough parking spaces for your guests and family. Also, check if the hotel provides valet parking services. If not, it might cause hassle and inconvenience to your guests. 

Food Quality 

Food is an integral and indispensable part of any wedding reception. They cover up a huge portion of your wedding budget and hence it becomes important to check their taste and quality. Taste the food and alcohol items on your menu before the wedding. Also make sure that there is proper management and organisation by the caterers. It is advisable to ask your caterer to provide a visit to someone else’s wedding so that you have a third person’s views on the catering services. 

Number of guests

Usually hotels have no restrictions with the number of guests but make sure that you check with your venue beforehand about the number of guests that will be coming to your wedding. Do not choose a hotel with congested banquet hall or narrow corridors. 

Event planners and coordinators 

If you’re a busy person or simply bad with all the planning or organising, then appoint a renowned event planner or coordinator. This would increase your cost but totally simplify your work. From decoration to wedding music, wedding buffet, catering and all the other details will be looked after by the wedding professionals. Remember, the best wedding requires the best planning. 


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