How Being Selfish Makes Your Relationship Happier 

How Being Selfish Makes Your Relationship Happier

There are many people who believe that for the relationship between a husband and wife to be a happy one, both the partners need to think about the needs and desires of the other person and make all the compromises required in their own life, in order to fulfill these needs of the other partner. However, a deeper analysis of these relationships shows that this theory may be absolutely wrong, what actually works in a relationship is being selfish

Below are three reasons which prove that being selfish in a relationship is actually the secret to having a happier marriage

Confidence of the Partners in the Relationship Increases

When you are selfish, your confidence in yourself increases and this eventually manifests itself in the way you view your relationship. When the other partner understands your needs and desires, you know that he or she truly loves you and therefore, you are also able to respect the other partner more. This increased mutual respect ensures that there are no misunderstandings and doubts between the couple and they have full confidence in their relationship with each other. 

There Are No Compromises in the Relationship

Another thing that really works by being selfish in a relationship is that you everything that you do for the relationship or the other partner, would be from your heart and because you want to do that for him or her and not because you have been forced by some rules or marriage to do the same. Thus, everything that both the partners end up doing in a relationship where both of them are selfish, comes directly from their heart and is filled with love for each other. There are no pressures for loving each other or taking care of each other. Whatever is done by the partners is heartfelt and absolutely genuine. 

Let the Other Partner See the Real You

One of the primary reason why most of the relationships break is that, initially both the partners try to pretend to be good to each other and make all the sacrifices in the world to make each other happy, and when they are not able to pretend anymore and show even a small glimpse of their real self, the other partner is not able to handle that and all hell breaks in the relationship. The secret to happiness in a married life is that both the partners are aware of the true nature of each other right from the start and respect the other person for who he or she really is. Being selfish does not mean that you have to hurt the other person, it simply means that you ensure that the other person knows your point of view about the various stuff in life and respects it. When both the partners are true to each other right from the start, the foundation of their relationship becomes so strong, that later in life, no turmoil is able to break their relationship. 

Thus, it can be said, that contrary to what is believed, being selfish in a relationship, can actually do the relationship more good than harm. 


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