How Can Children Get Affected By Parents Divorce 

How Can Children Get Affected By Parents Divorce

Divorce is indeed a bad thing to happen to any married couple. Whilst the reasons could be many due to which married couple end up divided, the worst repercussion is its effect on their children. And hence, the spouses should be sensitive in their decisions regarding their marriage or affair or divorce. Understanding the reasons for divorce is very important since it is not required in most of cases. Simple miscommunication and misinterpretation of situations or conversations end up in many divorces.

Different reasons and different effects

Though infidelity is thought as the most popular reason for marriage divorces, there are many other reasons which end up with higher percentage of break ups –

  • Disappointing sex life: This can be tackled by understanding the other reasons why the spouse has become uninterested in sex. It could be mounting work pressure, larger financial pressure or spending greater time in parenting. Divorce attorneys and councillors should help couple talk openly and understand the root causes.

  • Bad handling of finances: If the earning spouse is spendthrift and not saving enough for the future of family, it can lead to a disaster. Such cases can lead to break ups. It is important to make the spouse understand the value of saving for children and older age and encourage him save enough.

  • Infidelity: One of the most popular reasons in the Western countries. Extra marital affairs start as an innocent friendship between the partners and can become an emotional affair sooner or later. Maintaining such relationships requires a lot of maturity. Also being open with the spouse of such friendships ensures proper handling of relationships.

Children – the most affected

It was considered that unhappy parents lead to unhappy children and hence such couples should be divorced. But, extensive research has clearly pointed out that children of single parents are the unhappy. This is because children believe that parents have the ability to handle any situation and shall take care of themselves and their children. If the parent breaks up, it is considered that their basic safety and belief about their parents are shattered and hence many children lose hope on life and marital relationships. Extra marital affair affects children in such ways.

Children of divorced parents exhibit behavioural problems and end up with poor academics. This leads to lower employability and ending up with sub-standard life. Also, such children are highly prone to juvenile crime compared to children of married parents. Another dangerous outcome is that such children can become addicted to drugs, alcohol and sex.

An understanding of such negative consequences is very important to all unhappy couples since it is time they adjust and sacrifice for the sake of their children and help them lead a better life.

Couple alternatives to divorce

If there can one best decision for the unhappy couple is to look for couple options than divorce.

Trail separation: The couple stays apart for some months and agree on a parenting agreement of their children. During this time, they iron out the financial settlement and may even go for therapy.

Legal separation: Almost same as divorce but the couple cannot remarry during the period


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