How Much Should You Tip the Wedding Vendors 

How Much Should You Tip the Wedding Vendors

Many people feel that tipping is an unnecessary drain on the funds, especially in a wedding, where already the wedding budget tends to be tight. However, one important thing that everyone needs to remember about tipping vendors is that it is not something that is compulsory, but just a gesture or way of saying thank you to these vendors for helping in making your special day perfect. This show of appreciation also becomes necessary from future pint of view, when you might need to rehire the services of any or all of these vendors, and if at that point in time, they remember that you had not appreciated their previous work, they may not deliver to the best of their abilities, net time around. Therefore, tipping becomes important. 

However, when giving out tips to wedding vendors, there are a few points which one should keep in mind, in order to ensure that you do not end up over tipping or under tipping. 

Check the Contract

It is important that before you decide to hand over tips in the form of cash to the vendors at your wedding you carefully read each and every contract with every vendor, in order to ascertain, whether these vendors have already charged you for the tip or not in their contract. There are many vendors, like caterers, etc.,   who include an additional charge of 15 to 20% in their contract price as a tip for rendering their services. If the same is already included in the contract, then there is no need for you to make any extra cash tip to these vendors. 

Owners Should Not Be Tipped

The tips are meant for the junior staff and not for the owners. Therefore, if you have a wedding band playing at your reception, where the artists are themselves the owners, then in that case, you should not give any tip to them. However, if the owner is someone else, and the artists are simply performing for that owner, then you should tip them directly. Other than the band, the same rule applies to all the other service providers like the saloon staff, etc. 

Do Not Give Tips In Advance

Many people feel that by giving tips in advance, they will be able to encourage the vendors to perform their duties in a more efficient manner. But this is not the right practice. Tips should be handed over to the vendors on the wedding day itself and that too after the entire ceremony is over. As the bride or the groom, you may not have the time on the wedding day to meet and give tips to the vendors; therefore, you can assign this task to your best man, bridesmaid or someone else in your family, whom you trust in these matters. The cash for the tip can be placed in a plain envelope and handed over; you can even write a thank you note and place it inside the envelope. 

If you feel that a particular vendor has done an exceptional job at the wedding, he or she should be tipped extra for their amazing effort. 


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