How to Be the Trendy Bride 

How to Be the Trendy Bride

Brides and bridal trends modify with every year and become more and more simplified and sophisticated as it advances. There are bridal beauty trends that change every year but the basic that bride looks beautiful and gorgeous remains the same every time. Also there are various buns, veils and jewellery that don’t invent much but the styling and beauty trends change very often. Moreover natural reflections like shimmers and clips are now in hot trends. Also eye glosses have now been in major trend as the time flies. And shimmering textured eyes are now considered best for neutral and natural look for brides for wedding day. Also accompanying it can be a wet looking metallic eye shadow with shiny pink or deep pink lip gloss.

Floral is never out

Also now buns are on the top of list of brides and with different floral arrangement that can be arranged in varied styles and varied types of colours. Also if brides want to carry that confident and bold look on the wedding day it is perfect to have that deep red lip stick with subtle crimson darker shade around edges with curly wavy hairs that fall freely. Moreover today winged eye liners are in hot trend with rosy cheeks and pink lip gloss for perfect bride look. As the trend moves on now butterfly clips are making a comeback from that seventies look. They are also accompanied with stark white accessorizes to compliment that sleek bun without a veil. 

Purple those eyes

Also for perfect brides now, purple eye liners are become more common and style statement for boldness with innocence. Also silvery eye shadow accent at the inner corners make you look just like a fairy bride. With all the trends succeeding forward the famous up dos for hairs are making a comeback from early nineties that include fry look and busy combat style for new brides today. Also for brides with darker shades of skin today the maroon makeup tone is very famous which perfectly matches with the sprigs of purple flower with retro wavy hairs to complement the look. Also white pins with white beautiful wedding gown matches perfectly. It also gives the bride a traditional style added touch.

Elegance with traditional look

Then next in the list are the white eye liners that are becoming trendy and crazily famous. Also the seventies teased curls, glided head piece and smoky eyes are now becoming trendily popular among brides that want the same elegance of the beach wedding like a princess with mermaid theme. Also styling of hairs with typical flowers tucked in the buns and rolled into French rolls make a space for veil along with other hair accessory making brides look just perfectly gorgeous for their wedding. Then there can be done various experiments done with ribbons in the hairs tying them in traditional retro fashion with bow shape across the bun. It complements the veil just stunningly.  Also pin curls and matte bobby pins are now again in trend that can just carry your twisted chignon perfectly. Also there are various textured buns that will just leave your guest and the groom just awestruck with your beauty. 


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