How to Choose a Live Band 

How to Choose a Live Band

Hiring the live bands, to play at the wedding functions, is quite a popular option, which is opted by many people for the entertainment of the wedding guests. As a result of this huge demand for these bands at wedding receptions, the number of bands available in the market for these occasions has also increased. In fact, choosing between these bands has today become a very difficult choice to make. Below are a few tips which can help in ensuring that you hire the right wedding band.
Wedding Venue

The very first thing that one has to keep in mind when selecting a music band to play at their reception is the venue where the function would be held. The size and area of the venue will have a huge bearing on the choice of the band. If the size of the venue is huge, you would have to hire a band, with at least 8 to 19 performers, so that they are able to create an impact on the audience, on the other hand, if the venue is small and closed, a smaller band will be have to be hired, with may be a solo performer. 

Wedding Theme

Most of the weddings which are being organized have a specific theme for them. It is important that the music that plays at these weddings should be in accordance with the theme of the wedding. Therefore, before you hire any live band for your wedding reception, you need to make sure that they would be able to play music which would fit in the theme selected for the wedding. 

Guest List

The choice of the band will also depend on the guest list for the wedding. If the party is mostly for the youngsters, then you would need a band which will be able to play music for the younger generation, however, of the crowd is going to be a typical wedding crowd, with old and young people mixed, then the music will have to be a mixture of songs of all generations in order to cater to the musical needs of everyone present at the party. 

Duration Of The Party

Another very important aspect which you need to take into account before hiring a live band is the duration for which the band would be required to play. Any band can perform for a duration of one to two hours, but if you expect your party to go way beyond that and the band might have to perform for five to six hours at a stretch, you need to inform the band about this beforehand, and make sure that they have the capability to perform for such a long duration. 

After taking into account all of the above factors, you must make the hiring choice. Even after a live band has been hired, you need to find out about the clothes that they will be wearing, the time they would need to set up their systems at the venue and any other similar requirements which they may have.


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