How to Choose Wine for Your Wedding  

How to Choose Wine for Your Wedding

Weddings are a special occasion and hence every bit is ensured to make them perfect. From the fit of the dress to the dressing on the cake, everything is taken care of keeping in mind the couple’s tastes. One such big decision to make on the wedding day is choosing the wine. With wine playing a crucial role in the wedding, the bride and the groom look for sophistication in the beverages served at their reception buffet. The party hosts or the couples are often confronted with questions like which wines to buy? How much of each? How much does it cost? Where can we get the relevant information? Here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying the perfect wine for your wedding.

Type of wine

Opt for at least one white and one red wine for your reception buffet. You can also go for dry rose wine or champagne. You can choose from a variety of popular brands such as super oaky, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnays, Alamos Selection Malbec, Shiraz, Merlots, etc. More of red wine is consumed during the winter periods whereas during summer, people consume more of white wine. You can also serve sparkling wine from Europe on your wedding. Match the type of wine you are serving with the food that’ll be served at your reception. For example- red wine goes with rich meats or steak. Don’t forget to do the tasting of the wine. Also, if you end with leftover bottles at the end of your reception, your retailer might even agree to take them back if they are in a good condition. 

Quantity of wine

Next comes the decision of how much quantity of wine you need to buy for your wedding. This depends on a number of factors such as the duration of the reception, number of guests, time of the day and whether it’s a wine-drinking crowd. The average guest will take up to one to two drinks per hour and one standard 75ml bottle will serve up to five glasses of wine. It is always advisable to order slightly more than you think will be consumed. Also, consider the fact that guests may drink a little less at an afternoon party or during summers. 

Money considerations

Fix up a budget that you want to spend on the total number of wine servings at your reception. Also, consider buying at discount stores and spot for bargains. Many wine stores give a discount on bulk purchases. While buying wine from a hotel or restaurant, make sure that the price quoted by them matches the actual price of the wine bottle. Don’t fall prey to the hidden charges or markups on the wines sold at pricey hotels. 


A great way to make your wedding special is by personalizing the wine by engraving the couple’s name and the date of the ceremony on the wine bottles. Many online sites allow you to custom design your bottles. You can also DIY your own wine bottles and affix your labels over or next to the original. 


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