How to Choose Your Watch for Your Groom 

How to Choose Your Watch for Your Groom

Wedding occasion reminds the popular practice of gifting. The gift could be given by the guests or parents or in-laws to the couple. But, more often the bride or the groom wishes to given their spouse a unique gift that shall remind the receiving person about the wedding occasion or the partner who has gifted it. Choosing a wedding gift for groom is a very critical decision for the bride as it sends a subtle message by the bride to the groom. So, the bride selects and handpicks the gift herself which she feels aptly suits her man and complements him. If the idea of the gift is to constantly remind about her, then gifting a watch is a perfect choice. Watches keep attached to the person and constantly brings memories to the person wearing it.

The right selection

They say that a man is defined by the way he dresses. Well, that’s very true since a man’s personality is spoken by his attire. Attire is a combination of the clothes, the accessories like wrist watches, waist belt, shoes and the way he grooms himself. So, the bride need to have a clear understanding of the groom’s personality, the work culture of the organization he works for, his personal choice of watches or accessories, and how she feels the groom should look like wearing the watch.

What does it mean to wear a watch?

Well, every person has a different reason for wearing watches. Apart from the functional requirement of knowing the time, some unique reasons are –

  • As a jewellery item – Considered more as a fashion accessory in sync with the person’s personality

  • Referring a profession – Certain niche professions like sailors, aviators have requirements of latitude, longitude, altitude, functioning watch in deep waters, great precision and accuracy etc.

  • Collection of rare timepieces – Possess collection of unique time pieces and cherish having them for a long time

Choices galore to choose

It is natural to experience a bit of confusion while selecting the right watch. But, a little understanding of the groom may help provide some specific reasons why he would like to wear a watch like above listed reasons. The selection of a watch is based on different characteristics like below –

Brand and Series – Manufacturer of the watches and the specific collection which has differentiated features

Case size, material, shape – Varied options available for case features like metal or plastic material, square or round shape, medium or extra-large size

Strap type and colour – Popular choices are leather or metal. Niche materials of ceramic, silicone, titanium etc. are being offered by major brands of late

Dial and strap colour – the choice of colour goes hand in hand with the material type and the colour of the plate inside the case. Novel options of rose gold, metallic white are being preferred nowadays

Special features – The distinction among watches are because of features like chronograph, alarm, moon phase, touchscreen, GPS, world time, thermometer, digital compass, Bluetooth, smart watch etc. Chronograph watches for men is a popular choice for the features it provides and the chic look it provides.

Water resistance – Almost all premium and luxury watches come with a basic water resistance capacities. But, specialized professionals may require their watches to withstand deep waters and the pressures at such depths. These are called dive watches.

So, with so many options to choose and pick, it is the actual memory of feeling the bride wishes to leave the groom with, that decides the right watch to be gifted.


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