How to Convince an Ex-Boyfriend to Try To Work out the Relationship Once More 

How to Convince an Ex-Boyfriend to Try To Work out the Relationship Once More

Many times, after a break-up, women realize that the man they have just chucked out of their lives is the one with whom they feel most connected with and therefore, want to get him back at any cost. However, convincing a man to try working on the relationship one more time can be a tough job. In a bid to convince their boyfriend to give the relationship a second chance, many women tend to start to do desperate things and this only pushes their partner further away from them.

Below are a few tips which can help you in getting back together as a couple with your ex-boyfriend: 
Agree To the Reason for the End of the Relationship

Arguing about why the relationship ended in the first place, is not going to get you anywhere in your emotional stability. The important thing is that you both agree to the fact that the past is gone and you both wish to move forward in life. Therefore, instead of getting into constant arguments about why the relationship had ended in the first place, it would be better, to simply agree with the reason given by your partner and end that topic of discussion forever. 

Admit To Your Role in the Break-up

In order for love to happen, two people are required, similarly, when this love goes wrong, only one person cannot be at fault. Putting the entire blame for the breakup on your partner is not right. You need to realize and admit your faults in the relationship as well, and promise your partner to make amends for the same. Only when you show the will to change, can you expect your partner to do the same and that is how you both can hope to try to give your relationship a second chance. 

Don’t Try To Convince Him To Come Back

Relationships cannot be forced onto anyone. By constantly badgering your boyfriend to give your relationship a second chance is not going to make him start loving you again. If anything, your constant nagging will only push him away from you. Therefore, instead of trying to convince him to come back to you, you need to let him be alone and figure out for himself, if he wants to try and give the relationship a second chance or not. 

Make Him Work To Get You

What you tell men to do, they will never do, and what they are told not to do, they will always do it. Therefore, if you keep running after your boyfriend, trying to make him give to a second chance, he will never do it, but if you make him work to get you, he will want you more than ever. It is common to every man that they place more importance to those things which they have to work hard to get. Therefore, do not play easy to get and make him work really hard to grab your attention and love. 

More than anything else, you need to respect yourself, in order to hope others, including your ex-boyfriend, to respect you. Hence, do not at any time get desperate and always put yourself first. 


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