How to Create Theme Based Invitation Cards 

How to Create Theme Based Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards hold a lot of value in the wedding ceremonies as they reflect the culture and traditions of the families in which the wedding is to take place. They give the first impression to the guests about the wedding reception. A wide variety of wedding invitation cards is available in the market these days. Based on the community of the bride and the groom the wedding cards are designed to reflect the culture of the community. You may either select your wedding invitation card from the typical design templates available to keep them minimalistic and simple in design or you can get your wedding invitation cards customized as per your preferences. The color scheme and the design patterns can be varied to make unique wedding invitation cards.

Theme Based Wedding Invitation Cards

The wedding invitation cards are being created today by putting in lot of imagination and creativity. Several card making techniques are being used these days to impart unique features to the wedding cards and make them extra special. The couples are willing to get their wedding invitation cards personalized to suit their personalities and preferences. For example, the wedding invitation cards are available with the feature of including a romantic photo of the engaged couple. These photos are usually selected from the pre-wedding photo shoots which the couples get done. Theme based wedding invitation cards have gained great popularity in the recent times. The concept of theme based weddings, which is a common trend these days, has played an instrumental role in the conceptualization of theme based wedding invitation cards.

Types of Theme Based Wedding Invitation Cards

A wide range of themes are available to be followed while designing the wedding invitation cards. In case the wedding reception is going to take place in some particular theme, the couples may decide to either choose the same theme to be incorporated in their wedding cards or choose some other theme for them. The themes can be chosen from anything which is romantic, traditional, customs based, floral, destination based, comic, exciting, conventional, modern, etc. 

Ideas for the Theme Based Wedding Invitation Cards

For example, if you have planned for a beach destination wedding, you can get your wedding cards designed on sea side theme. If your wedding is taking place in a garden, then your wedding invitation cards can be designed with floral theme. If the wedding is going to take place in summers, then the wedding invitation card can be made on themes like, park, bright colors, sunny day, lush green scenery, sunset or sunrise, family picnic, etc.

If your wedding is scheduled to take place in autumn, the wedding invitation cards can follow themes like autumn colors of orange yellow, brown, red, or scenes of country sides with horse ridden coaches, etc.

Winter wedding invitation cards can follow themes of Christmas, snowman, snowflakes, etc. People who are fond of movies can get their wedding cards designed based on the themes of any romantic flicks, and can even include a photo with their partner posing similar to the actors of the movie.


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